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Kirk SpanoSince MarketWatch recognized him as the "World's Next Great Investing" columnist, Kirk has provided among the best analysis in the financial industry for tens of thousands of readers. Now you can invest alongside him while maintaining control of your accounts.

In 2011, Mr. Spano was one of the first to describe how the developing American oil and gas boom would change the world. He also correctly predicted the historic rally in the dollar and the collapse of gold when others said the opposite. In 2012, he said buy solar stocks after they had collapsed  - most rallied sharply. In 2014, Mr. Spano recognized the impending collapse in oil and gas prices which soon crashed.
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Recent Views and Trends

IMAGE Janet Yellen, OPEC and the "New Normal"
Friday, 27 November 2015
I know that this weekend most folks are shopping, buying Christmas trees and wondering how they ate so much on Thanksgiving. But this weekend is also the lead up to the most important month in finance and economics in years.We are about to enter a month that is typically good for the stock market, but this time might not be. We have a pivotal OPEC meeting on December 4th that will determine their course of action with oil production. Then, on December 16th, the Federal Reserve, led by Janet Yellen is likely to raise interest rates for the first time since before the financial crisis. Read More...
IMAGE Will Saudi Arabia Surprise us Again?
Sunday, 22 November 2015
In 2015 we saw a lot of stocks get annihilated as market leadership narrowed. Hedge fund darlings were flipped from running higher to getting pummeled. Biotech stocks got pilloried and Hillaried. Energy names were the big story though, as most fell in share price, many were crushed and some went to zero. As measured by the SPDR Select Energy ETF (XLE) the industry is down over 30% from its high. Interestingly, the 50 day moving average has started to turn up. A blip? A head fake? Or, is something else going on? SPDR Select Energy ETF - XLE Read More...
Stampedes of the Momentum Traders
Saturday, 14 November 2015
Over the course of this year I saw something in markets that early on I couldn't explain. I suspected that there was something different with market structure that was dangerous but I didn't know exactly what. I now mostly know what is going on. Starting back in the 2nd quarter I started using a phrase, the "networked traders" to describe what was happening with certain stocks. It started in energy as companies with billions in assets saw their share prices pushed down as if oil and gas would stay cheap forever and that they were on the verge of bankruptcy. While some energy companies are on the verge of bankruptcy, most aren't.  Read More...
IMAGE Janet and The Feds Get Their Cover
Saturday, 07 November 2015
Since spring, people have been obsessing about whether or not the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates this year. While I don't think gradually raising rates to 1% over a year or so is a big deal, markets treat it like is monumental. For the record, I think Janet and The Feds have been looking for cover to raise interest rates all year. With this past week's very good - not great - employment number, it looks like there will indeed be an interest rate hike this December, albeit small, and maybe, just maybe, accompanied by a small quantitative easing to smooth volatility and support liquidity. Read More...
IMAGE Energy Reaching Max Pain
Sunday, 15 November 2015
Today the price of WTI crude oil rose 3.19%. Normally that would be a hugely bullish sign for oil, however, last week the price dropped 8%. With driving season well behind us and existing wells still pumping out oil, it will take two things to happen before oil prices rise and hold at a higher range. The first thing is on the way. The second, the Saudi's control when that happens. Before we get into what needs to happen for higher oil prices, let's take a look at what the market looks like. Read More...
IMAGE Observing a Topping Process
Sunday, 01 November 2015
For about a year now I've been talking about the broad market being in a topping process. Here's another chart that speaks to the same issue: We've had a brief discussion about whether we are at the end of a secular bear market or the beginning of a secular bull market. Well, the answer will be found in the next big correction. If we have in fact started a new cyclical bear market which I signaled about a month ago on MarketWatch, then we simply need to watch the bottom of it to know where things stand. Read More...
Surging Market Unlikely to Last
Saturday, 17 October 2015
Indexes are stuck in a range that threatens to resume its falling pattern. However, in light of the possibility of no rate hike this year and that people just don't care much about the Fed anymore - which is good in a way - markets continue to fight on and have a very good October so far. Read More...
IMAGE Waiting for a Correction
Tuesday, 24 March 2015
For the rest of the quarter we are looking for the domestic equity markets to reach 100 algo numbers for the quarterly measurement. That will happen if the quarter ends with a positive result and April 1st is an up day. Having a 100 quarterly number is a virtual guarantee of a correction within a short time frame. It looks like the correction I am expecting will happen during Q2 or Q3 unless Yellen tries to hold markets up - which is a distinct possibility. Regardless, these markets are coming down, it is just a matter of when and how much now.  As I mentioned in my weekly view, I had a chance to talk with a large bond fund manager last week. I asked about liquidity knowing the answer.... Read More...

Briefly About the Publisher

Kirk SpanoKirk Spano grew up in a middle class working family in Milwaukee. His parent's sacrificed to put him through Catholic Schools where he excelled. He went on to the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee where he studied Economics and Political Science. 

Mr. Spano spent over 12 years as a broker restrained by a financial industry that puts itself first. In 2010, he was able to make the break from that failing industry and opened Bluemound Asset Management, LLC, a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor in Wisconsin, designed to put clients first.

In 2011, Kirk was tabbed "The World's Next Great Investing Columnistby MarketWatch of the Wall Street Journal network after beating out over 150 other analysts and writers from around he world. Since then, he has been syndicated extensively and made various media appearances. 

Kirk opened Fundamental Trends in 2015 for those who have chosen to take control of their finances and manage their own money. Fundamental Trends goal is to help Main Street take back from Wall Street.

You can read Kirk's full biography and find him on LinkedIn where he is happy to connect.