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Since MarketWatch recognized Kirk as the "World's Next Great Investing" columnist, he has provided financial and economic analysis to readers around the world. His investment approach effectively blends finding value in the biggest growth trends, while using volatility to find opportunity.

With twenty-five years of financial industry experience, he has seen first hand how brokers, bankers and investment managers have taken without giving much back. With that in mind, Kirk has developed Fundamental Trends to help you replace your high-priced financial adviser and take control of your financial future without having to go it alone. 

To demonstrate the value of this service and to show you that you can indeed handle your own finances better than the mediocre at best financial industry, your first year is offered at a deep discount. 


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Kirk's Track Record...

"I believe that the problems at Bear Stearns are the tip of the iceberg regarding problems that are likely to emerge in the financial sector."
"2012 marks the year that the United States accelerates its transformation from a military super power... to a natural resources super power..."
"...the dollar is a better currency than gold... if you didn't already make outsize gains on gold..., then you won't... because gold is done leading."
"I believe there is a high probability that we do move to the low end of the oil-price range later this year...(with) out of the ordinary price plunges..."
"Look for increasing volatility, but no collapse, in 2015...With the Fed also talking about raising interest rates — I believe not until the 4th quarter..."

Kirk Spano's Fundamental Trends & Views

Welcome. The content below is free to the public. It might be worth what you are paying for it. Having been around and in the financial industry since 1989, I have learned that only one thing is certain and that is almost nothing is certain. As we endeavor to come up with our best analysis of the world around us, we have to try to overcome a myriad of issues including our own ignorance, biases and emotions. What follows are my attempts to overcome those obstacles.

About the Publisher

Kirk SpanoKirk Spano grew up in a middle class working family in Milwaukee. His parent's sacrificed to put him through Catholic Schools where he excelled. He went on to the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee where he studied Economics and Political Science. 

Mr. Spano spent over 12 years as a broker restrained by a financial industry that puts itself first. In 2010, he was able to make the break from that failing industry and opened Bluemound Asset Management, LLC, a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor in Wisconsin, designed to put clients first.

In 2011, Kirk was tabbed "The World's Next Great Investing Columnistby MarketWatch of the Wall Street Journal network after beating out over 150 other analysts and writers from around he world. Since then, he has been syndicated extensively and made various media appearances. 

Kirk opened Fundamental Trends in 2015 for those who have chosen to take control of their finances and manage their own money. Fundamental Trends goal is to help Main Street take back from Wall Street.

You can read Kirk's full biography and find him on LinkedIn where he is happy to connect.

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