Fundamental Leaders Stock List

The Fundamental Leaders Stock List is available to subscribers here, however, I do email it periodically to people signed up for “FREE Research” on the front page.

This list is built by screening the market with several high-end tools, multiple formulas, insights from various analysts and my 20 years of experience I have been able to curate a universe of companies that lead their markets. If you like consistent investment returns with a little less risk, usually with dividends and/or share buybacks, then these companies are worth buying at the right prices. These our Blue Chips in the most important way: Quality.

There are two ways to get this list. First, become a subscriber to Fundamental Trends. The other is free and simple. Subscribe to our periodic updates via the “free research” tab on the right hand column of the site. I will be including our “Leaders” lists to “free research” subscribers. Subscribing to “free research” is a great way to try us on for size.

I have sorted by Shareholder Yield as it’s my favorite shortcut. I encourage you to learn about what it means. If there is a “none” in a column, it simply means the data wasn’t available and we’re on our own to figure it out. Several of these stocks are buys right now. Subscribers have received a recent buy suggestion. An excel file is in the forum. You can convert this list into an excel file at