Monthly Investor Call: 2017 The Return of Volatility

I have put together a free report titled “2017: The Return of Volatility” and will be discussing it in an online presentation on Saturday morning, December 17th at 9am Central.

Set aside an hour to learn how to prepare for what will be the most significant economic and geopolitical “change” year in possibly decades. Understand the interconnections of the global economy and power structures will be vital to growing and protecting your and your family’s financial freedom.

Slow Growth Forever is Reality

Here are the three precursor articles from the past month that I wrote to prepare people for 2017. The “slow growth forever” theme has gotten considerable attention on MarketWatch and Seeking Alpha. Prepare this important meeting by reading these articles today:

Understanding the “Slow Growth Forever” Global Economy

Investing in the “Slow Growth Forever” Global Economy

2017 Will be a “Reset” Year for Markets

Understanding the structural problems with the global economy, especially in the United States, China, Europe and Japan is vital to protecting your standard of living. In next week’s call I will cover various scenarios, discussed in the report, that can impact you and your family’s future.

Get the Report

I offer one piece of free research to anybody who wants it via my e-letter. To get “2017: The Return of Volatility” simply sign-up for free research on the right hand sidebar on the Fundamental Trends front page. 

The Call

On Saturday, December 17th at 9am, I will be hosting a one hour presentation, with Q&A to talk about the different scenarios for the short, intermediate and long-term. If you can’t make the meeting, or even if you can, go to and sign-up for “free research” and you’ll receive within a week my research report titled “2017: The Return of Volatility.”

Here is a link to the conference call.

The meeting is on a system called Zoom and you’ll have to load an applet, just like “GoToMeeting.”

You can also listen in by telephone if you like. Here’s the number to call in on with no password or PIN: 1 (646) 558-8656

Check Your Ideology at the Door

Don’t be complacent or ideological regarding the economy or markets.

Regardless of who won the Presidency there was going to be a cyclical downturn in 2017.

Unless one of three things happens though, we won’t have a crisis, rather, the coming 20-30% stock market correction will be a buying opportunity.

I know a lot of people have been calling for another crisis and a crash for years. but I have not. See my track record below.

But, I was giving seminars in 2006-07 telling people to sell their investment properties and second homes, as well as, to lighten up on stocks.

Way back in 1999 I told folks that earnings mattered and that tech was in a bubble.

Now, I’m letting people know, there are some big changes coming to the global economy and geopolitical structure – on top of what was going to be a cyclical economic slowdown.

How we navigate that change and the cyclical downturn (maybe a recession, or maybe what I’ve dubbed a “skip-straight recession” in the media where we just have occasional down quarters) is going to be vital to building your wealth and protecting your financial freedom.

It’s important we know the 3 things that could cause a crisis in 2017-18, as well as, being prepared for the things we don’t already know about. We must always be prepared for crisis in a world where there is central banks, governments, massive debt, demographics pressures, technological change and now populist social movements in play.

Grow and Protect Your Financial Freedom

If you are concerned about a bear market in stocks, or about the economy, or just about maintaining your financial freedom, the report and call will be worth an hour of your time.

Here’s a link to the forum at Fundamental Trends where you can get some information for free and see the meeting details again.

In addition to the report and meeting, I’ve been adding to our “Very Short List” of stocks and our “ETFavorites” to buy when the next opportunities occur.

Also, keep an eye out for my series “The 12 Stocks of Christmas to Sell” which will either be on MarketWatch, The Street or at Seeking Alpha.

I hope you can join us next Saturday or at least sign-up for free monthly research at Fundamental Trends. You will not be disappointed in either. 2017 is gong to be a “change” year. Get ready!

You can ignore me, but do so at your own risk. 2017 is the year we get the next economic and market reset – it’s already begun in the bond market where over a trillion dollar has been lost.

I know you get a lot of email touting services. I am a real advisor with a track record in the press and monitored by an independent source. While I’d love you all as clients, the reality is that I can’t take on many more folks, so I do the Fundamental Trends Investment and Retirement Letter to help as many as I can at a very below market rate.

Honestly, I’m just a kid from a working family in Milwaukee who’s trying to do right and I’ve found something I’m good at. Let me help you even if it’s just giving you free information to think about.

You can check me out at which has me comfortably ranked as a top 1% analyst.


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