Vacationing During Market Volatility

Hello, as I mentioned in the forum, I will be vacationing until the 30th. I will be on though daily with the possible exception of next Saturday. 

If the markets get crazy, take advantage. I have outlined the buy zones for QQQ in “How I Prepared For A Flash Crash In An Overvalued Market.” QQQ is your easiest buy if there’s a big fast correction. 


Also, take a look at the “Dividend Dozen.” Several of these stocks are buys or darn close to being buys. The new article on Kinder Morgan I think is a compelling case if you’re good with a fairly safe double over the next few to several years. 

Intel (INTC), Potash (POT), 8point3 Energy (CAFD), Store Capital (STOR), Occidental (OXY) and CenturyLink (CTL) are all at or near their buy ranges.

Keep asking questions. I’ll get to things all week at weird hours probably. 

I am planning to add a new set of option trades on Tuesday, now that we’ve had expiration. I want to see how Monday trading goes. 

I’m calling this vacation “The Hall of Fame Tour” as a friend and I will be leaving the eclipse near St. Louis to head to Canton for the Football HOF, then Cooperstown for Baseball, camping in New Hampshire, a stop in CT, hitting Cleveland for the Rock and Roll Hall, then finally a client or two in Indiana. Whew. 

Keep in touch and enjoy what’s left of summer.


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