Fundamental Trends is designed to help investors manage their own money in an effective, low cost, risk managed way. 

My name is Kirk Spano. I founded this site because in my years as a Registered Investment Advisor I have found many people who with a small amount of assistance can manage their own money. This service is my attempt to provide that assistance.

Unlike some “tip sheets” out there, I am seeking to help teach people how to be better investors, as well as, provide consistent actionable investment ideas. To that end, I provide my research, have multiple analysts published here and share the best ideas from the many resources I have at a fraction of the cost of subscribing to each individually.

Our forum, which is available to all subscribers, and chat for those who trade options, are great places to talk to other investors and find valuable information.  

Ultimately, Fundamental Trends simple goal is to help you make market beating results with less risk, so that you can build and protect your financial freedom.


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