What I’m Reading Again This Weekend

Each week I bookmark the articles, columns and editorials that I want to come back to and read again. Some of these pieces offer insights that I think are valuable, others are updates to something I am following and a few could be contrary indicators.

Make no assumptions about what you are reading. Set aside opinions, ideology and feelings. Find the information that might not be inline with your thinking and consider the merits. There will also be thoughts that back up your own ideas. Much will just be new.

A method I learned in college writing classes was to listen to criticism without responding. It’s a valuable skill that I have found extremely valuable. I have applied and adapted it to other aspects of my personal and professional life. It requires constant practice to refrain from instantly, and often defensively, responding to various input from the outside world.

As you read, try not to respond in your mind, it could open up new avenues of thinking about something and that’s always valuable. Here are the links to the best of what I read this week, without my further interpretations.

What I Am Reading Again

Publications I Recommend

While cannot offer any discounts on Bloomberg, The Financial Times and Wall Street Journal (in that order) all are must reads in my opinion. Each allows some free content, so at least, sign-up for a free membership and wait for special discounts that are offered periodically.

I am a contributor at FATrader.com, it is a collection of analysts offering 2 or 3 investment ideas per week. It is a crazy bargain to get some of the best thoughts from some of the best analysts. I strongly recommend it as a base add-on subscription for gathering financial insights. Use this link for a 30% discount in May.

Here are three top reads from FATrader this week that you will need a subscription to read:

I have also found ValueWalk Premium to be very valuable. To the point where I cut a deal with them to offer my subscribers a huge discount. Like FATrader, there are insights from multiple analysts and hedge funds. It is a top read for me every week. ValueWalk Premium is normally $24.99 per month. Here is how to get ValueWalk Premium for only $74.99/year.

Here are three top reads from ValueWalk Premium this week that you will need a subscription to read:

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