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  • Today we expanded our discussion a bit to include different ideas of liquidity and market impact.
  • Discussed several stocks, how I think of them, what the market is missing and why I’m buying.
  • Briefly discussed the coming acceleration in the changes in the energy system.
  • We will discuss SPACs and what to look for as an investor on Monday’s stock call.
  • We will discuss the energy transition and investment opportunities with a new working paper next Friday.

This week’s Investing 2020s investing webinar featured the “Tree Rings Report” from Forest For The Trees.


Tree Rings is one of the best macro summaries done along with the Bear Traps weekend report I get. Bear Traps is no longer open to new subscribers, but Forest For The Trees is. For $200 per year, it’ll save you so much time finding what’s important and ways to understand it, that it is worth having in my opinion. You get it here: Forest For The Trees 

Investing 2020s Webinar

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Useful Articles

As always, review our articles from this week, but here are several in the press that I think you should give a quick read to as well. I try to include mostly free pieces, but I do recommend Bloomberg ($220/year) and Barron’s ($1/week) subscriptions: 

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Global factory growth stymied by stalling exports and supply constraints

U.S. Weekly FundFlows Insight Report: Despite Strong Equity Returns for the Week, Investors Were Net Redeemers of Both Equity ETFs and Mutual Funds | Lipper Alpha Insight | Refintiv

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What Is A SPAC? – Everything SPAC And How It Works (Video)

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