Stocks Of The Week 3/22/21 – NEW FORMAT


  • The 2015-16 stock market scenario looks likely – corrections impacting different parts of the market with indexes choppy.
  • We can still cherry pick in coming months and might get “lucky” with a really bad market month or two for filling the bucket instead of thimbles.
  • Keep some powder dry and be diligent about trimming stocks with charts that overshot valuations, especially those that overshot by a lot – eventually, valuations matter.

Each week I cover the Plug & Play Stocks, and anything new, that we can consider buying now or soon. We also cover the stocks to trim on profits. Read Using Plug & Play Stocks and Technical Trading Basics: Using Overbought And Oversold Signals To Buy And Sell.  before buying or selling. 

Tuesday’s Retirement Income Options article goes over option selling strategies. Any references to options below should be addressed with RIO articles, webinars and in RIO chat.

Technical Outlook

Each week I include a file of the VSL, former VSL stocks and stocks I am watching. The file includes technical oscillators. Nothing is automatic, but the signals are worth paying attention too and learning from. 

Focus Trades

Sirius (SIRI) we have seen this pattern before. Sirius looks likely to breakout soon. The green curved trend line was drawn in October and appears to be valid. I see a target price of around $12 per share, possibly spurred by Liberty’s greater incorporation. For growth accounts, SIRI can be a 2-3% position. In retiree accounts sell cash-secured puts.

Ford (F)appears to be breaking out. If it takes off it can run to $20ish pretty easily. There is potential for a much bigger rally.

Crown Castle (CCI) hit our preferred buy zone once and I think folks ought to keep an eye out for a second chance to buy under $150.

Nextera Energy (NEEis jitterbugging at the very top of the wide buy zone. From middle $60s to middle $50s it’s a very interesting stock to me for long-term growth and income.

Kinder Morgan (KMI) remains in our buy zone.

Merck (MRK) now has a piece of the Covid-19 vaccine now, so at the right price seems worthwhile in the dividend accounts from under $72.

A blank action column means there is nothing jumping out at me to do. 

MAAA Stocks + Berkshire

MAAA Stocks + BerkshireSymbolBuy ZoneAction
Berkshire Hathaway(BRK.B)231-202buy<226

P&P Growth Stocks

CompanySymbolBuy ZoneAction Note
Docusign(DOCU)213-124$130s-150s likely
EPR Properties(EPR)42-27buy<40
Facebook(FB)225-201$230s interesting
Itron(ITRI)94-62$70s interesting
Komatsu(OTCPK:KMTUY)30-24Mid $20s interesting
Liberty Sirius(LSXMK)48-36buy
Lumen Tech(LUMN)16-10buy
MP Materials(MP)40-22buy low $30s
Nvidia(NVDA)383-276trim aggressively
PayPal (PYPL)177-131buy<177
Sirius XM(SIRI)7.05-5.35buy
Spectrum Brands(SPB)87-46buy<75
Travelcenters of America(TA)23-13Low $20s interesting

P&P Dividend Stocks

CompanySymbolBuy ZoneAction Note
American Tower(AMT)223-150targeting $180?
Analog Devices(ADI)131-96targeting $120?
Crown Castle(CCI)170-114buy<150
Cisco Systems, Inc.(CSCO)50-39buy<42
Walt Disney(DIS)154-122Trim
Barrick Gold(GOLD)23-19buy
Kinder Morgan Inc(KMI)16-12buy
Lam Research Corporation(LRCX)405-208Trim
Lockheed Martin Corporation(LMT)317-240buy<317
Lumen Tech(LUMN)16-9buy
Merck & Co.(MRK)73-53buy<73
Newmont Mining(NEM)54-40buy<52
Nextera Energy(NEE)73-46buy<67
Nutrien Ltd(NTR)49-36Trim
STAG Industrial(STAG)34-22buy<30
Store Capital Corp(STOR)31-20buy<28
Urstadt Biddle Properties(UBA)16-9buy<16
Vici Properties(OTC:VICI)26-18buy<23
WEC Energies(WEC)82-59buy<82

Disclosure: I am/we are long LUMN, KMI, T, MP, F, SIRI, SPWR,BRK.B.