SPACs To Buy In Bargain Territory Again

Summary Pre-deal SPACs trading near IPO prices offer a unique opportunity to invest with limited downside, but unlimited upside.I apply 3 main criteria for finding…

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10 SPAC Units Near $10 IPO Price

SPACs trading near their IPO prices pre-deal offer unlimited upside and small downside. These are rare asymmetric opportunities to invest. If you pay attention, there’s money laying on the ground for you and maybe more.

(SOTW) A Basket Of SPACs To Nibble On

Here are 6 SPACs currently trading at discounts to anticipated merger deals. I expect each one to double or triple within 3-4 years, possibly sooner. The protection are great management teams, focus and piles of cash. If you have missed out on SPAC cash, these might be the plays you are looking for. Must be a Sustainable Growth member or higher.