Fed Inspired Holiday Sale

Hello, I wasn’t going to rerun the Black Friday special, but in light of Fed Chairman Powell yelling at you from Congressional hearings that things are about to get rocky, I thought I’d give you one last chance though New Year’s Day.

My investment style is a borrowed and improved version of a process that 2 of the most successful institutional investment funds in the world have been using for 4 decades. We take a 4-step process and focus on the very best investment ideas in the markets. Our process has yielded dozens of ten-baggers and much safer dividend growth investing.

Kirk’s 10-Baggers

This offer expires January 2nd and will never to run again!

Fundamental Trends RARE Discount = Holiday67

Here’s a double discount for you to try our flagship all-in-one service RARE Investing. Use code Holiday67 and get 67% off your first year with a rate of only $199 your first year to RARE Investing.

Coupon code = Holiday67

That’s $400 off the normal rate of $599.

But wait, there’s a bit more. I have broken the discount into 2 pieces so that you will get an ongoing discount of 21%. So, your renewals to RARE will be $125 off every year.

By the time your renewal comes up, if I haven’t made you a lot more than the subscription fee, I would expect you to cancel. If the past is any indicator, you’ll be asking for a lifetime membership (hint – I might offer one next year).

Here’s what some of our members are saying:

It’s not just me your are getting here at Fundamental Trends. You also get Ted “The Dividend Sleuth,” top technical analyst and swing trader Scott “Shootet” Henderson and one of the top Artificial Intelligence money can buy. Yes, I’ve dived into the deep end on AI and what we have been doing since has blown even me away. I think we have another two dozen 10-baggers in waiting right now. You don’t want to miss this basket of winning stocks we are accumulating right now.

In addition to 10-bagger hunting, we have been sorting out the dividend stocks for safety and total return potential. I recently posted about 5 of the very best dividend stocks to make sure were in your portfolio soon. If you are a retiree, you can’t afford to miss what I’m saying about dividends.

There are at least a 100 companies, and I think closer to 200, on the S&P 500 that are in danger of deep, deep plunges the next time the stock market corrects. But, I think they will lose in what I a calling “The Great Divergence.” What is that? It’s going to be a massive sorting of growth and quality from the zombie companies that the Fed has enabled the past few years. With the Fed backing off the pedal, a lot of stocks are going to drop 30%, 40%, 50% and some 90%.

One of our favorite dividend stocks actually has 10-bagger potential as part of the clean energy and autonomous transportation revolution. But, it’s really their 4th Industrial Revolution Technology and completely undervalued real estate value that gives them something nobody is paying attention to. This old name is going to new again and is already being bought up by smart investors. This stock is worth the price of a subscription. Maybe even a lifetime subscription.

Another company we like that pays a dividend is integral to a key supply chain moving back to America. This company is receiving help from the U.S. Government to do it – considering Fed and government policy is one of our 4 steps to investing. I think that one will be a 5-bagger while paying you an income to watch it rise.

I’m not going to make this longer. If you’ve been waiting or just found us, right now is the time to join us. Start building your financial freedom faster, safer and bigger today.

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Get your first year 2/3 off and 21% off forever on a locked in rate. You’ll never get an increase in rate plus get at least a 21% discount on any new service (that’s a hint). Offer ends very soon – click here to join. Use code Holiday67.

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