More Reasons To Have TradingView


  • The TradingView scanner for seeing overbought/oversold conditions, as well as, finding pivots and trends is worth the price of admission alone – it’s that useful.
  • The ability to chart and track developments on our target stocks and ETFs is similar or better than other dozen or so charting websites I’ve used.
  • The crowd sources trading ideas are also the best I have found on the web, again versus about a dozen other charting and screening sites.
  • But wait, there’s more, the education is awesome too, including a deep YouTube community that posts their techniques and ideas using TradingView charts.
  • And now, TradingView has introduced “Spark” which offers dozens of curated watchlists covering different industries, topics and countries.
TradingView (TradingView)

Ok, to begin, I think anyone swing or position trading needs charting software. The level of service you get depends on what type of investor you are.

  • If you are a position trader, you need a “light version” of a trading software that includes at least end of day time intervals and a screener. 
  • If you do swing trading too, you need comprehensive resources including  frequent updates, a multitude of tools and a very robust screener.

Our 4-step process includes some technical analysis to get buys, sells, trims and adds as close as we can get to excellent. That applies to everyone.

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Excellence (Run To Daylight)

TradingView Is A Must Have

For me, I like the charting with factors such as volume weighted supply and demand for shares. It’s a blend of technical and quant price trend analysis. TradingView has that.

TradingView also has the awesome scanner that can show you very easily things like RSI overbought and oversold levels for minute, hour, day, week or month time frames. We make extensive use of weekly time frames for ETF asset allocation, virtually all position trades in stocks and for selling options. 

The crowd sourced investment ideas are also a great way to not only get ideas, but learn. I think you can consider TradingView a technical trading version of Seeking Alpha (primarily crowd sourced fundamental research) in this regard.

TradingView’s educational pieces are also great, so it’s a good place to learn the basics and more. In addition, there are hundreds of traders on YouTube who put up videos using TradingView charts for you to learn from.

Recently, TradingView added something they call SPARK. It is dozens of watchlists categorized by theme, country and industry. It’s a great resource and makes finding investments even easier. I recommend browsing it.

Get TradingView Here To Track All Markets

Get TradingView & Disclaimer

I get a few bucks if you use my link to TradingView. I use it to pay shooter and buy other investment letters (I’m up to 15 right now) so that I can study the best ideas out there. I really do have a boatload of research, including Forest For The Trees, FS Insight, Morningstar, AAII and 

If you don’t want me to make a few bucks, that’s cool, just go straight to the site, but please sign up, at least for the free service.

I really want you to have TradingView, if nothing else, for the screener. It’s that good. If that’s all you want it for, buy the cheapest version. 

Get TradingView Here To Track All Markets

Remember, at a minimum, get the free account to see what TradingView is like before potentially upgrading.

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