Founders Rate On “Crypto Trade Shots”

This weekend we are launching the protected “Crypto Trade Shots” with Scott “Shooter” Henderson’s exclusive in-depth research and uncanny crypto swing trades.

Shooter has been an early adopter of crypto and is hip deep in research and charting. He’s “bottom ticked” crypto trades over and over.

What’s more, Shooter has found the rare cryptos that will survive the coming crypto crash that will wipe out the posers. Already, some of his crypto picks are up 100%, 200%, 300% or more.

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Or wait a minute, because there’s more.

I (Kirk Spano) have been researching crypto since 2016 when he first bought Bitcoin under $1000. I was skeptical at first, but now I am a believer.

However, I do believe that that 99% of cryptos are going to zero. How can that be if I’m a believer?

In short, there is going to be a massive migration of capital to the survivors. Bitcoin, Ethereum and I’d say 20-30 other cryptos will survive and thrive. Own those and you’ll be able to retire sooner than you think and leave money behind if you don’t spend the way I do.

In addition, there are stocks set to rise more than the cryptos. How can that be? Think leverage. Companies that mint money will do pretty well.

But, there’s more than that. NFTs are coming fast. And NFTs aren’t just for digital art I don’t like.

NFTs will be huge in fractional ownership of most assets. Yes, most.

Think of how time shares work. Think about fractional ownership in general. Real estate. Airplanes. Cars. Art. A Honus Wagner card. The list is endless. NFTs will also help define memberships.

I have some inside tracks from having interviewed several top crypto minds, including Dr. Sean Stein Smith who is an up and comer in New York being named a “40 Under 40” as a crypto accountant – yeah, that’s a thing now.

My new “hustle” is setting up a real estate development company that uses NFTs for funding and to define various “member” rights.

As a member to Fundamental Trends, for a limited time only (I’m sticking to that), you have the right to become a “founding member” of Crypto Trade Shots. Your rate is only $199 per year guaranteed forever if you sign up now.

Sometime around Opening Day of the MLB season, the rate will be set higher. I’m not sure how much higher, but higher. At least double.

Let me make this very clear. Cryptocurrency is not going anywhere. There are geopolitical reasons why the United States is migrating operations from China to the U.S.

Bitcoin is legitimately “digital gold” and through volatility will mirror the gold chart of the past century.

Ethereum is the backbone of massive revolutions in logistics, energy, manufacturing, services, contracting, titling assets and more (sounds mundane, but that’s freaking everything in commerce).

I have access to a lot of research that costs me five figures per year. You will get the best of that.

You will never get a better deal than this. You need this if you want to win in the next couple decades.

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