$1.99/month YouTube Investment Videos

As you know, we do a few investment and economic videos each week, plus the occasional interview. Some folks love them, others only want print. Either way, they are a lot of work.

When I started, there were only Friday webinars for free. We have added quite a bit more since then, especially with the addition of real time swing trading videos.

The Macro Dashes investment videos will remain free. These videos will also migrate to Thursday afternoon come the end of March so that I can have the posted on Thursday nights well before any potential Friday trading.

Videos with specific trade advice will go behind a low fee paywall moving forward. Here’s what we are doing.

I am moving the Retirement Income Options,  Stocks Of The Week & Shooter’s Swing Trade Notes webinars to a paid subscription on YouTube. This applies specifically to webinars that include buy/sell price information. If it is more general, then it will remain free. 

You can find the subscription webinars under the Members Only Trades, Investing & Crypto playlist. Use the JOIN button via the YouTube channel to see these for $1.99/month.

I am doing this for several reasons: 

  1. Because those ideas are very proprietary in nature and I don’t want people skimming that information for free.
  2. To reduce the workload of keeping track of when to make videos public after having made unlisted for an embargo period.
  3. In order to offer an entry level mini-service to younger investors and international investors. 
  4. The stocks, options and trading webinar were never meant to be free webinars perpetually – unlike the macro/ETF webinars which are intended to be free forever.
  5. You can still watch live without a fee.  

I am going to charge a whopping $1.99/month for this service. Please consider that I have been offering our Fundamental Trends memberships for a significant discount. Also, Fundamental Trends RARE service is about half the price of similar services to begin with. I’d appreciate your cooperation in protecting our content without increasing our workload.

There truly is no other way to do this technologically and without more admin work.

This is not to generate a lot of revenue, it’s just to put up a barrier and reduce our time commitments to managing the video’s availability. Ultimately it’s about content protection, simplification and marketing to a lower price point with a mini-service.

If anyone here is going to renew at full price for RARE ($599/year) and would like small discount to cover the YouTube subscription, private message me a couple weeks before your renewal comes up and I’ll set it up.

Here’s the YouTube investment webinars page link: 



  1. Break this down please…what does the RARE subscription service offer exclusively, what is free on YT and what is the other services (e.g. Crypto)?

    • Jonathan Pfeiffer

      I can be corrected if I am wrong: RARE includes everything except Crypto and some YouTube videos. Those are offered separately.

  2. Kirk, will you continue to include access to all your videos in Rare Chat. If so, then Rare Investment subscribers won’t need the $1.99 You Tube subscription. Is this true or not.

  3. What Jonathon said. RARE is everything except Crypto and the $1.99/mo YouTube channel, which is videos of the trades and pricing information which we need to put up a minimal wall against. And, we’re not going to do the extra work of putting things in 2 places, you want us doing analysis, not tech work or having to pay someone to do it which means we’d have to move towards higher fees. Plus, what Shooter is doing online is new, that’s not something that was there before. Most of my videos remain free, but a few with pricing, i.e. the P&P videos or when I do a trade, will be paid on YT. The written version is still on site though.

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