Will The Fed Make A Mistake? (With Webinar Slide Deck.)

Saturday’s webinar was a replacement for the Friday webinar that I did not do this week due to vacation and as I transition to Thursday afternoons

It was a good discussion about how the Fed did NOT cause inflation and why that is a narrative to discount. I show with data that oil and supply chains were in fact the major culprits. 

I also believe that the Fed will stop tightening this year, at least for a while, in order to forcing a recession. I demonstrate what I am thinking using yield curves. 

If the Fed does continue to tighten past September, then that means inflation has run away on them and we are risk for stagflation. I don’t find this highly likely, but it has to be on our radar. 

I also discuss why we are in a good period to expand clean energy and 4IR investments through the end of the year. 

Here is the slide deck and webinar. Please take the time to read and listen. 

Special Saturday Webinar…

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