Shooter’s Primary Wave Set-ups

As needed updates to Shooter’s long-term position trading Elliott Wave charts for our Plug & Play quarterly stock focus lists. Use these charts for:

  • Adding to holdings and selling cash-secured puts near pivot bottoms.
  • Trimming gains and selling covered calls near the pivot tops.

Plug & Play Primary Wave Set-ups

Well, it was worse than an inside week. Powell definitely took a pivot off the table. I’m not going to say short at will, but it’s probably pretty darn close. Lets see what Mondays opening range brings and we may add a few counter trend plays this week.

Looking for spots to buy and/or sell cash-secured puts.

F Next Entry Long is now! With the first target around $17.98 then $20.98. We have Daily trigger and the weekly trigger may or may not fire before the $17.98 breakout line. So, a full position is viable with this look. Just mind your on any weekly close below $14.94. That would imply one more leg lower.

Ford Motor Company (updated 08/31/2022)

FCX A Primary Wave Set-up with a Daily Trigger (1/2 position size)

Raised the Stop to $29.45

Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. (updated 08/28/2022)

RUN full position size! Target is $42.13. It may grind around here but as long the prior low hold should keep grinding.

Raised the Stop to $30.07

Sunrun Inc (updated 08/28/2022)

Plug & Play Trims And Selling Covered Calls

AAPL I’d call that a rejection! Pulled it…

VEEV I’d call that rejection too! Pulled it…

Looking for spots to trim gains and/or sell covered calls.

Primary Wave Set-ups NOT on the VSL

NIO Next Entry Long is now! With the first target around $31.35 with US exchanges’ being able to audit records, delisting is off the table. $24.50 is the breakout line, should be at a full position by then.

NIO Inc. (updated 08/28/2022)

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