Retirement Income Options: Starting To Push Expirations Out


  • Most of the January expirations will be moved from January to February through April in coming weeks, especially if we get a Santa Claus into January Effect rally.
  • Featured Trades: Permian Resources, Enovix, Rocket Lab.
  • Bottom Fishing & GTC Order Tracking.
  • Upgraded format. Updated VSL & Plug & Play Stocks out January 2nd.
  • No webinar December 26th, but expanded webinar January 2nd.
  • The New VSL is released in beta, to get to if follow the link and then request access with your username.
Call and put option trading signs

Retirement Income Options offers my top option selling ideas. The stocks and ETFs are from the quarterly “Plug & Play” lists and Global Trends ETF.

Make sure to read “Using Retirement Income Options” and “Technical Trading Basics” in the Getting Started area so you can follow my methodology and reasoning.

The following trades are generally for six and seven figure accounts. Remember to check out the noon Monday Retirement Income Options webinars live or on YouTube.

Stocks Technical Screener

The screeners at TradingView are at a crossroads now, more sell-off in coming days, or more rally in coming weeks. Maybe it’s both. There’s no real way to tell what the madness of crowds will do, but the historical norm would be to rally into mid-January sometime. That’s my base case.

If we get Santa Rally into the January Effect then you can look to clean up some positions, i.e. right size them or sell some covered calls, which I’ll add some below.

Also, if we get a rally, then the cash-secured puts will be pushed out on expirations. The expirations are flexible and based on the madness of crowds. We pick the strike prices for more fundamental and technical reasons, as well as, part of our scaling in slowly strategy.

If we do not get a rally, then quite a few of our cash-secured put ideas could price their way to us, although we might want to extend the expirations a bit.

Make sure to watch last week’s webinar in which I walked through how to use charts of different time frames to help narrow down your ranges.

Featured Trades This Week

Orders I am trying to get filled this week or that have filled in the past day.


  • Aemetis (AMTX) $5 January put $1
  • Enovix (ENVX) $10 February put $1
  • Ford (F) $13 January put $1
  • Warner Discovery (WBD) $10 January put 8o¢
  • Permian Resources (PR) $9 February put $1
  • Occidental Petroleum (OXY) $60 February put $3
  • Planet Labs (PL) $5 January put $1

Quick Rationales & Charts:

All are undervalued vs next few years expected earnings. 

  • Aemetis is at bottom fishing: 
AMTX Bottom Fishing (Kirk Spano)

TradingView Chart

  • Enovix has superior battery technology and management, but early adoption. Assignment would result in bottom fishing cost basis. 
ENVX (Kirk Spano)

TradingView Chart

  • Ford is retesting local bottom. EV + 4IR + real estate = big upside. Near bottom fishing. 
F (Kirk Spano)

TradingView Chart

  • Warner Discovery is cutting expenses fast, rebuilding DC and expanding delivery globally. Dramatically undervalued. 
WBD (Kirk Spano)

TradingView Chart

  • Permian Resources is poised to gush profits from cheap asset base as U.S. becomes crude exporter next year. About to have bullish intermediate term golden cross. 
PR (Kirk Spano)

TradingView Chart

  • Occidental Petroleum is near Buffett’s warrant price again. No chart necessary. 5% return if not assigned for 10 week holding period, or, roughly 25% annualized on your cash. 
  • Planet Labs is the next leader in space-as-a-service stocks. Competitor Maxir Tech (MAXR) was just bought out for more than double its market share price. Planet is undervalued by 70-80% based on forward year revenue expectations and growth.
PL (Kirk Spano)

TradingView Chart

Bottom Fishing & GTC Order Trackers

Lists are roughly rank ordered. Remember to check current option prices and always ask for a little more than the ASK or a higher limit when entering your order. You can walk the premium price down after if needed. 

S&P 500 Growth

CompanyBottom FishingGTC Orders
Berkshire Hathaway(BRK.B)270
Alphabet(GOOG)80 Feb put 4
Amazon(AMZN)85 Feb put 5
Nvidia(NVDA)120 Feb put 10
Warner Bros Discovery(WBD)$10 January put 8o¢
Freeport McMoran(FCX)25 Feb put 4
Generac(GNRC)80 Feb put 10
Solar Edge(SEDG)
Occidental Petroleum(OXY)60$60 February put $3

Mid Cap Growth Stocks

$3b to $20b, or $20b+ but not on the S&P 500. This where we could see 5x stock moves or better.

CompanyBottom FishingGTC Orders
Square/Block(SQ)6155 Feb put 5
Unity(U)30 Feb put 3
SunPower(SPWR)16 Feb put 2
Palantir(PLTR)7.50 Jan put 1
MP Materials(MP)25 Feb put 2
Uber(UBER)25 Feb put 2.50

Small Cap Growth Stocks

CompanyBottom FishingGTC Orders
Aemetis(AMTX)5$5 January put $1
Ginko Bioworks(DNA)42 Jan put 40¢mostly buying under $2
Enovix(ENVX)9$10 February put $1
Heron Therapeutics(HRTX)44 March put 1+mostly buying under $4
AST SpaceMobile*(ASTS)55 Feb put 1+
Rocket Lab*(RKLB)54 Feb put 1+just took a stock starter
Planet Labs*(PL)5$5 January put $1
Satellogic*(SATL)55 Feb put 1+mostly a buyer under 5
BlackSky*(BKSY)42 Feb put 40¢mostly a buyer under 2
Spire Global*(SPIR)42 Feb put 80¢mostly a buyer under 2
Stone Capital(STNE)89 Feb put 1
Jumia(JMIA)54 Feb put 1mostly a buyer under 4

* Space basket.

  • Removed Azure Power (AZRE) and Opendoor (OPEN) pending execution of business plans.
  • Added Rocket Lab as part of space basket.
  • Added Enovix as advanced battery play.

S&P 500 Dividend Stocks

Looking for strong dividend growers and hidden value.

CompanyBottom FishingGTC Orders
Ford(F)$13 January put $111 March put 1
Intel(INTC)30 Feb put 3
American Tower(AMT)
Pfizer(PFE)40 March put 4
Kinder Morgan(AMT)17 Feb put 2
Paramount Global(PARA)20 Jan put 2
AT&T(T)18 March put 1
HP(HPQ)2125 Feb put 3Good put due to Berkshire buying pressure.
Cisco Systems, Inc.(CSCO)30

Non S&P 500 Dividend Stocks

CompanyBottom FishingGTC Orders
New Fortress Energy(NFE)3335 Feb put 4let’s see what volatility gets us, might settle for less
Permian Resources(PR)8$9 February put $1
Innovative Industrial Properties(IIPR)78
STAG Industrial(STAG)24
Digital Realty Trust(DLR)78

ETF Core Holdings

Diversified and market cap funds.

ETF EquitiesBottom FishingGTC Orders
Invesco QQQ(QQQ)201
IShares Evolved Technology(IETC)32$35 March put $3
BlackRock Science & Tech (BST)20n/a
Invesco Midcap Momentum(XMMO)6070 March put 3
Invesco Small Cap Revenue (RWJ)6775 April put 8
Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce+(EMQQ)2835 April put 7
iShares 20 Plus Year Treasury Bond ETF(TLT)6270 Feb put 7
Emerging Markets Bond(EMB)82

ETF Tactical/Satellite Holdings

Sector, industry and nation funds.

ETFsBottom FishingGTC Orders
SPDR Energy Select(XLE)46If a bear market comes for energy.Feb 76 put 4Energy is in a bull market until proven otherwise.
Invesco Solar(TAN)6170 April put 9
First Trust Nasdaq Clean Energy(QCLN)3235 March put 3
Invesco Wilderhill Clean Energy(PBW)3135 March put 4
Blackrock Science & Tech II(BSTZ)14
ARK Genomic Revolution(ARKG)2228 Feb put 3
AdvisorShares Pure Cannabis(YOLO)34 Feb put 1
Pure U.S. Cannabis(MSOS)56 Feb put 1
ARK Fintech Innovation(ARKF)1215 Jan put 1.50
KraneShares China Internet+(KWEB)2225 Feb put 3
Frontier Internet & Ecommerce+(FMQQ)10

+ Feel free to break apart your EMQQ position into FMQQ + KWEB, or to overweight a portion of your EMQQ position with FMQQ or KWEB.