kirkspano.ebizontech.biz is designed to help investors manage their own money in an effective, low cost, risk managed way. 

My name is Kirk Spano. I founded this site because in my years as a Registered Investment Advisor I have found many people who with a small amount of assistance can manage their own money. This service is my attempt to provide that assistance.

Unlike some of the $99 or $199 per year year investment letters out there, I am hoping to offer a far more complete service than those tip sheets.

Fundamental Trends provides subscribers with most of the research that I use when evaluating investments for myself and my Investment Advisory clients. This fundamental research seeks to find wonderful companies and investment opportunities that are more valuable than current market prices indicate.

In addition, through our forum, I am actively teaching people how to do research on companies themselves. Those forums are designed to become not only a platform for evaluating investment ideas, but a place where people can learn from each other and teach each other that is sheltered from the inane and vitriolic mess that much of the investment internet has become.

Finally, I have spent the better part of 8 years searching for a quantitative analyst with a philosophy that matches mine. After evaluating dozens, and even working with one for a few months, I found one who understands that the quantitative and technical approach used by most analysts and “trend followers” is inadequate for reducing risk to the levels that I can accept. His approach is a great compliment to the fundamental research that occupies most of my time.

The culmination of what Fundamental Trends has become is a way for people to find investments – “position trades” which last years – for the core of their portfolio, as well as, design “swing trades” which last weeks or months, to take advantage of shorter term opportunities. Subscribers can choose whether or not to make the swing trades we discuss or simply stick with the core investment approach. The choice is yours.

While many people will spend a dozen or more hours per week assessing their portfolios and doing research because they like the work, it is not absolutely necessary if you are a subscriber. If you have 3 to 5 hours per week, this website can help you manage your portfolio, so that you can spend your time doing other things that you enjoy. So, whichever time commitment you decide to make, Fundamental Trends can help you become a safer and better investor.

Ultimately, Fundamental Trends simple goal is to help you make market beating results with less risk.