About Fundamental Trends

Fundamental Trends is the synthesis of deep fundamental research with institutional technical and quantitative price trend analysis.

The ideas behind Fundamental Trends originate from Kirk Spano, who was named “The Next Great Investing Columnist” by MarketWatch.com of the Wall Street Journal Network and is also the owner of Bluemound Asset Management, LLC.

Fundamental Trends is designed for investors who realize that 80-90% of retail investment advisors and financial planners are not worth their fees.

This website, with just a few hours of your time per week, can have you investing at a top institutional level within a year – for a fraction of the price of an investment advisor.

Kirk Spano has 25 years of investment experience, access to dozens of top investors through his years in the media and subscribes to institutional quality investment research services.

As a member of Fundamental Trends, you get access to Kirk’s curated “best of the best” investment ideas, as well as, his deep dive research into what he is investing his and client money into.

You will learn how to build a risk managed asset allocation and pick investments that have a chance at greatness.

All you have to do to become a top notch investor is commit the time to do the reading that Kirk provides, this site and links, plus watch the weekly webinars that apply to you.

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