Welcome To Fundamental Trends

Hello, my name is Kirk Spano and I grew up in a middle class working neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My education is in economics and political science. My early career included time in insurance and as a stock broker from 1996 to 2010 (I’m much better now).

I have been a fee-only registered investment advisor since 2010 shedding the yolk of brokerages that cared more about their profits than yours. My main takeaway about people in the financial industry is that 4 out of 5 advisors aren’t worth their fees. Because of that, I started sharing my investment research and ideas in 2012 after being selected “The World’s Next Great Investing Columnist” by MarketWatch in 2011.

I do my best to convey investment ideas in an understandable way. Fundamental Trends is designed to be your one stop shop for all your investments.

What Fundamental Trends Is

I have access to a mountain of institutional quality investment research, use AI (artificial intelligence) to curate the most important data and have a great analyst team, including top technical analyst Scott “Shooter” Henderson.

Fundamental Trends acts as two things for you:

  1. A Funnel: Both sell-side and buy-side analysts provide valuable research. We are experienced in both which gives us a significant edge. We are able to do our own ground up primary research, as well as, assess the value of other analysts research. We combine our research with those of others to find the best risk-adjusted investment ideas that we can.
  2. A Futurist: Most people invest by looking in the rearview mirror. While that helps with perspective, it does not tell you what is coming. I focus on an informed analysis of the future with a respectful view of the past. I believe my experience is fairly unique in the financial industry. My media, energy industry experience, tech focus and personal & educational background have led to a top 5% investment experience over the past 20+ years. While I’m not perfect perfect, my results have been excellent. The addition of “Shooter” on the technical side has been an added boon in recent years.

Join Fundamental Trends Today

People have asked why Fundamental Trends is so cheap for what they are getting. The simple answer is I want to help help you secure your financial freedom. If I can help you, then you can help someone else.

I believe the world is getting better in crooked lines while stepping in potholes. So, I view my job as much about helping you find profitable investment opportunities as avoiding the potholes.

As a member of Fundamental Trends, you get access to great asset allocation and my curated “best of the best” investment ideas. You will learn how to build a risk managed portfolio and pick investments that have a chance at life changing gains.

Whether you are a conservative dividend investor, retiree who likes to sell options for more income, a young at heart growth investor, a person who likes to swing trade a portion of your portfolio or some of all of the above, Fundamental Trends will work for you. I guarantee it.