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RARE Investing Retirement Income Options

Dividend Sleuthing: Utilities

Summary Dividend investors naturally consider utility companies for an income portfolio, particularly investors in or near retirement. Investors in regulated utilities receive a measure of dividend safety but usually give up the potential for explosive growth. Here are brief snapshots of six utilities, one of which is being added to […]

Sustainable Growth

Texas Instruments Excellence

Texas Instruments (TXN) is on our Dividend Growth 30 very short list. Texas Instruments Incorporated (TXN), also known as “TI,” is a straight-forward, cut-to-the-chase operation, so I’ll keep this simple: TI is one of my core technology positions because their effective management team consistently executes a successful business model. Without […]

Fundamental Trends Blog

Verizon Swot Analysis

Verizon Communications (VZ), created through the 2000 merger of Bell Atlantic and GTE, is the largest U.S. wireless carrier, with postpaid wireless phone service to 88 million customers and prepaid service to another 5 million, plus another 23 million data devices. Verizon has embarked on an ambitious plan to upgrade to an expansive 5G network.