Author: Kirk Spano

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2nd Half Stock Market Outlook Brief

The stock market is getting choppy as the taper approaches and valuations soar. The rolling corrections we talked about in January are playing out. We should expect a more correlated correction sometime this year. Today we talk about relative performance and use Tesla and gold miners as examples. We also remind to trim losers first. Access with a free library card.

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Plug & Play Stocks Q3 2021

Each quarter I update my top 20 growth stocks and top 20 dividend stocks into our Plug & Play Stocks lists. These stocks have market beating potential, no excess risk in my opinion to their peers and are timely. Get access with any stock membership, including Sustainable Growth, Dividend Collector, Retirement Income Options and RARE Investing. Use code “FirstYear50” to get your first year for half price (after your low cost trial).

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Investment Quick Thoughts: LUMN, SMID Caps, IWM, QQQJ

We have been accumulating Lumen for nearly 2 years while collecting dividends and lowering our cost basis. It is about to act on the M&A I have said they would from day 1. This could unleash a ton of value, including a double or potential triple in the stock price the next few years. I also cover why and where to find small and midcaps that will replace zombies in the S&P 500 someday. Available to Sustainable Growth or higher membership.

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Global Trends ETF Report: ARKK, QQQ, PBW, GDX

Global Trends ETF Report helps investors, buy the dips, sell the rips, build positions if you missed the first entry, swing trade around a core position and manage risk. Find our ETF investment reviews, ETF trend trades and catch ETFs at the pivots. Available to Global Trends ETF members and higher.