Fundamental Trends caters to do-it-yourself investors. We share a 4-step process that seeks value and growth investment opportunities for strong risk-adjusted total returns.

The ideas behind Fundamental Trends originate from Kirk Spano, who was named “The Next Great Investing Columnist” by MarketWatch.com of the Wall Street Journal Network and is also the owner of Bluemound Asset Management, LLC.

We help do-it-yourself investors build a strong core portfolio, take advantage of periodic trading opportunities and beat the markets with less risk.

We believe that you can be a do-it-yourself investor if you have 5 to 7 hours per week to read. Your reading should include:

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Please note: Fundamental Trends is NOT a day trading service. We do offer “swing trading” via our R.A.R.E service.

Read the terms and conditions. Fundamental Trends is for do-it-yourself investors and does not constitute individualized investment advice.

Base Allocation

How We Trade & Invest

Having a philosophy and a process of investing is very important. The cores of our approach are to control our emotions and make a series of well thought out good investment decisions. If we can control our emotions, then we can focus on a good analysis and portfolio construction. If we do not control our emotions, then we will fail to beat the markets or control risk like 80% of […]

Stock Investing – Know What You Own

“The common intellectual theme of the investors from Graham-and-Doddsville is this: they search for discrepancies between the value of a business and the price of small pieces of that business in that market… I have seen no trend toward value investing in the (65) years I’ve practiced it. There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult. The academic world, if anything, has actually backed away from the teaching of […]

How Wall Street Fails You

On Wall Street, Bonuses, Not Profits, Were Real December 2008 Wall Street bonuses keep soaring as profits decline March 2015 On Wall Street and in the financial industry in general, not much has really changed since the financial crisis. Despite adding little value to the economy, the public’s standard of living or even their own client’s net worth, financial people from investment bankers to financial planners continue to be overpaid.  It is […]