Fundamental Trends caters to do-it-yourself investors. We share a 4-step process that seeks value and growth investment opportunities for strong risk-adjusted total returns.

The ideas behind Fundamental Trends originate from Kirk Spano, who was named “The Next Great Investing Columnist” by MarketWatch.com of the Wall Street Journal Network and is also the owner of Bluemound Asset Management, LLC.

We help do-it-yourself investors build a strong core portfolio, take advantage of periodic trading opportunities and beat the markets with less risk.

We believe that you can be a do-it-yourself investor if you have 5 to 7 hours per week to read. Your reading should include:

Fundamental Trends…
Outbound links from Fundamental Trends articles…
Articles from our regular Saturday morning post – “What We Read This Week.”

Please note: Fundamental Trends is NOT a day trading service. We do offer “swing trading” via our R.A.R.E service.

Read the terms and conditions. Fundamental Trends is for do-it-yourself investors and does not constitute individualized investment advice.


kirkspano.ebizontech.biz is designed to help investors manage their own money in an effective, low cost, risk managed way.  My name is Kirk Spano. I founded this site because in my years as a Registered Investment Advisor I have found many people who with a small amount of assistance can manage their own money. This service is my attempt to provide that assistance. Unlike some of the $99 or $199 per […]

Terms of Use

First and foremost: This service is not an investment advisory service, is not provided by Bluemound Asset Management, LLC and does not offer individualized investment advice. This is a research service. This service is provided by Kirk Spano Publishing, LLC and is meant for experienced self-directed investors. It is a mistake to think that by saving a few dollars on management fees that any investment letter can give you the same […]

About Kirk Spano

Hello, I grew up in a middle class working family in Milwaukee. I remember long gas lines, the first home my parents bought and the recession of the early 1980s. My parent’s sacrificed to put me through Catholic Schools at a time that Milwaukee Public Schools were beginning to fail. I also remember all of the good times with my family, especially my brothers, and friends. I can never fully repay […]