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Free Friday Investment Webinar

On Mondays and Tuesdays we hold members only webinars: Monday: Stocks Of The Week Tuesday: The “Covered Call” Call Our Friday investment webinar is open to the public and covers macroeconomics, global investment ideas and tactical ETF investing. Make sure to get a free library card if you don’t have one for monthly outlook, special reports and archives. Macroeconomy & ETFriday Our Friday webinars will cover macroeconomic themes and investing […]

Massive Overbought Signal & Investment Website Discounts

Summary This week’s Macro & ETFriday webinar walked through several investment topics using articles and research from several of my regular reads. We also looked at a few charts on TradingView which is essential for swing traders. I have included descriptions and discounts to the websites that I use and read regularly, including Bloomberg, ValueWalk, Sentiment Trader, StockRover, TradingView, Wall Street Journal and Barron’s. I spend about half my time […]

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REITs In Your Asset Allocation

REITs are favorites among dividend investors. But, there is a fallacy that real estate as an asset class outperforms stocks in general. That is not true.

Over the past 5 years, inclusive of dividends, these are the returns for the Invesco QQQ ETF (QQQ) representing the Nasdaq 100, the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) and the Vanguard Real Estate ETF (VNQ):

Investment Philosophy

Asset allocation drives 50-90% of volatility, risk and returns so focus on asset allocation by sector, industry and nation above all else, with a core position in ETFs.
Stocks must present an opportunity to significantly beat the market averages or are not worth the single stock risk.

Risk Off Signals Flashing Brighter

The warning signs in the stock market are half yellow and half red. The only thing going for stocks is excess liquidity. That might be enough to prevent a big crash, but I don’t believe the Fed will allow a bigger bubble. This article open to all full members and Free Library Card holders. If you don’t have a free library card, sign up today.

Get Your Bucket Ready For A Correction

During a correction, gold falls from the skies. It is on these rare occasions when every asset falls in price that you want to be ready to buy – a lot. I am expecting volatility at the least in coming months and a potential bear market. Maybe a bad bear market. Have a plan. This piece is available to members and holders of a Free Library Card. Sign up for your Free Library Card Today.

Free Webinar: Barbell Investing Strategy For The 2020s

Summary Q4 2020 is shaping up to look a lot like Q4 2018. The Fed spiked punch bowl is almost empty. You should be killing what’s left of your zombie stocks now. 2021 will be either a trickle down stagflationary depression or a growth from the middle recovery. The stock market will become more bifurcated in either situation with the ends of our barbell profiting as most other stocks suffer. […]

2 Important Webinars Tomorrow

On Tuesday, July 21st, I will be on the Forex Analytix program from 8am central to about market open. I will discuss the dollar, why I am bullish Australia and its currency, and oil. In our regular Tuesday stocks and options webinar, I will cover the trading ideas from the Option selling piece I put out today.

Technical Trading Basics: Using RSI, MFI, CMG & MACD

After considering the big trends, fundamentals, and government & central bank policy, it is time to figure out when to buy and sell. Basic technical analysis can help investors put the odds on their side quicker and grind out several extra points per year with little effort. Technical trading experts can make even more with the right temperament. Learn more about when to buy and sell using simple technical signals.

Investing After COVID-19

This week’s webinar will outline our post Coronavirus COVID-19 investing strategy and tactics. The second wave of both COVID-19 and the Coronavirus stock market crashes are coming. Prepare now.