DIY Investing

Fundamental Trends offers 5 DIY Investor Services:

  • Global Trends ETF
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Dividend Collector
  • Retirement Income Options
  • RARE – Risk Adjusted Returns Elite

Try a Free Library Card if you want a peak in the library for:

  • Macro Monday every week,
  • Fundamental Trends Outlook (FTO) every month,
  • Special Reports every quarter,
  • Archived investment research.
DIY Investing

RARE Investing – All Inclusive Flagship Service

Our “all-in-one” service with access to every investment idea.
– A deep focus on the fast developing sustainable “smart everything” DeFi world.
– Growth investing and dividend growth investing.
– All cap stocks, including under covered small and microcaps.
– Tactically traded global ETF asset allocation.
– Kirk’s catalyst driven swing trading.
– Shooter’s proprietary Elliott Wave & technical swing trading.
– Crypto and NFT investing & trading.
– Live chat with Kirk, Scott & other investors and traders like you.
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DIY Investing

Sustainable Growth Investing

Investing in the sustainable “smart everything” world. All things innovation and high growth. This is where we are finding our 10 Baggers!
– Technology: Fintech, Biotech, AI, Cloud, IoT, 5G, Space…
– Clean Energy & Sustainability
– The expansion of cryptos and NFTs.
– Consumers & Entertainment
– Mid Caps & Small Caps
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DIY Investing

Global Trends ETF

Global tactical ETF asset allocation to drive your diversified portfolio. Can be adapted to your 401(k) plan. Included with all of our stock picking memberships & RARE.
– ETF asset allocation
– Core ETF holdings
– Rotational ETF trading
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DIY Investing

Free Special Reports Library

Get a Library Card for free to get access to paid members content after an embargo period. Ideal way to try us on for size for free. Also includes:
– Kirk Spano’s Quarterly Outlook & Game Plan
– Fundamental Trends Actionable Special Reports
– Previously archived investment research.
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