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De-Risk Your Portfolio NOW

In the past few months I have shown various valuation metrics, including the Buffett Indicator. All are near or at all-time highs. Valuation metrics are the core of fundamental analysis. Today, there are sweet narratives about why low interest rates can keep valuations high a very long time, there were also very sweet narratives about why the dot-com boom wouldn’t bust and the real estate boom wouldn’t crash.

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Demographic Deflation VS Inflationary Policy

Summary Long-term deflation is being driven by aging demographics, massive debt and disinflationary technology.I penned the term “slow growth forever” almost a decade ago on MarketWatch as a description of how the “baby boomer bust” would manifest and drag out.During the past decade, only central bank monetary stimulus and government […]

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Retirement Income Options 4/20/21

This week we focus on a top clean energy ETF, 3 healthcare stocks, an emerging oligopoly player in rare earth metals, two beaten up media companies, a space shot and a real estate play. Each stock is generating income via put selling and could be a double or triple in just a few years. Become a member to see what we are accumulating.

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Trimming The VSL Of Oil, Commies, Laggards & Zombies

Keeping our focus focused, I have been digging into our Very Short List – our focus stocks – and pruning a large tree or old ideas, bad ideas and mostly ideas where the thesis changed due to Coronavirus running up debt and running down growth for certain companies. Read this important piece on how we are getting rid of commies, oil, laggards and zombies. Sustainable Growth of higher membership required.

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A Game Plan For A Correction

If you want a full game plan for what to buy on a correction, here it is. ETFs, stocks, SPACs everything we are focusing on if we get a September like correction or worse. Become a member today if you aren’t. This long form post will make all your money back for years worth of membership.

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Weekend Trending

Today we expanded our discussion a bit to include different ideas of liquidity and market impact. Discussed several stocks, how I think of them, what the market is missing and why I’m buying. Briefly discussed the coming acceleration in the changes in the energy system. We will discuss SPACs and what to look for as an investor on Monday’s stock call. We will discuss the energy transition and investment opportunities with a new working paper next Friday. Free Library Card for access.

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2021 Fearless Futile Forecasts

My forecasts for 2021 and beyond for stocks, the dollar, bitcoin and more. Plus, exactly why to use our barbell investing strategy for the 2020s. Free access with your library card. Sign up today if you do not have one. Macro Monday, special reports, Monthly FTO (Fundamental Trends Outlook) and access to archives. Get your Free Library Card Today.