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2021 Fearless Futile Forecasts

My forecasts for 2021 and beyond for stocks, the dollar, bitcoin and more. Plus, exactly why to use our barbell investing strategy for the 2020s. Free access with your library card. Sign up today if you do not have one. Macro Monday, special reports, Monthly FTO (Fundamental Trends Outlook) and access to archives. Get your Free Library Card Today.

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Risk Off Signals Flashing Brighter

The warning signs in the stock market are half yellow and half red. The only thing going for stocks is excess liquidity. That might be enough to prevent a big crash, but I don’t believe the Fed will allow a bigger bubble. This article open to all full members and Free Library Card holders. If you don’t have a free library card, sign up today.

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Get Your Bucket Ready For A Correction

During a correction, gold falls from the skies. It is on these rare occasions when every asset falls in price that you want to be ready to buy – a lot. I am expecting volatility at the least in coming months and a potential bear market. Maybe a bad bear market. Have a plan. This piece is available to members and holders of a Free Library Card. Sign up for your Free Library Card Today.

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Investing For $3000 Gold

Gold will rise to at least $2400 soon, with $3400 very likely in a few years. In the perfect monetary storm, gold could rise as high as $5000 per ounce. Here is how we are playing it. Access to anyone with a paid membership or for a limited time with a Free Library Card.