Global Trends ETF

Global Trends ETF provides our macro, sector and industry analysis, as well as, ETF files and technical analysis to give us an edge versus the markets.

Low cost ETFs are a wonderful place to start investing, create a core portfolio or use for an entire portfolio. Stick with investing in the secular long-term growth trends, such as technology, 4th Industrial Revolution, biotech, communications, 5G, IoT, AR, VR and consumer trends for the best returns.

If you are a beginning investor, there is one fund that is easy to begin with that is on the right side of the long-term trends.

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Global Trends ETF Model: December 2019

Global Trends ETF uses tactical asset allocation to find opportunities and manage risk using low cost ETFs. This ETF strategy can be used as a whole portfolio or as the core to build a stock portfolio around.
Our mission with Global Trends ETF is to create a diversified portfolio that uses asset allocation to exploit opportunities and manage risk.

Quick Thoughts On VXX & QQQ

The correction we are seeing is a prelude to what I expect in 2020 as the economy softens and buybacks slowdown. Between now and then, we should see choppiness as smart money fades rallies and the oblivious permabulls buy the dips (perma anything are oblivious). I expect a bit of […]

ETFs I Plan To Buy Soon

With the flow of money out of “old economy” and “grandpa stocks”continuing, using corrections to upgrade our asset allocation is an essential idea. Already, we have raised cash on anticipation of a summer correction. I anticipate that the summer correction will be short and shallow, lasting no more than a few months and probably not correcting more than 10-20%.

Taking Profits On USO

(Open to the public to demonstrate the regular notes we put out on our holdings. Here we were buyers of calls on USO the last week of December 2019 and are taking profits now as a form of risk management. The “new” Fundamental Trends is in beta and making adjustments […]

We Might Have The Low In Oil Tomorrow At The Open

Summary The API reported an inventory build this week, however, last week they had a huge draw. The EIA last week had a small draw and reports at 10:30AM Wednesday. It is very possible that the API numbers are fudged week to week due to when they account, so, we […]

Traders Offer Easy “Go Long” Oil Opportunity

Summary Traders trade, that’s what they do, don’t listen to their stories though. Oil is at the bottom of it’s new range, it’s an easy buy once again. The intermediate bias in oil is bullish and so is the short-term. Buy oil ETFs as futures swing back to backwardation from […]

ETF Focus List (Nov 2018)

Summary To protect the integrity of our picks, the focus ETFs will be found in an article within the website each month. These are the highest conviction ETFs to add to asset allocations in November 2018. Look to buy around the 200-day moving averages and when RSI falls below 30. […]

First Step Into The KWEB

Summary China is still an undeniably attractive place to have some investment exposure even if they do not always play nice. I have a hard time buying individual stocks because of trust issues. The KraneShares CSI China Internet ETF appears to be the best ETF for buying into Chinese tech […]

Semiconductor ETFs – Updated Bottom Fishing

Summary Updated “bottom fishing” prices for semiconductor ETFs. Semiconductor ETFs have been market leaders over most time frames, however, have significant bear markets once or twice per decade. I believe there will be a shallow bear market in semiconductor ETFs. Look for a chance to buy the SPDR® S&P Semiconductor ETF (XSD). […]

Quick Thoughts on Oil ETFs Pre-OPEC Meeting

Oil prices have fallen the past month. This is not strictly supply and demand driven. With oil, there is far more that impacts spot prices. Oil is impacted by oligopolies (America), cartel (OPEC) and Russia are protected by policy, capital and collusion. If oil were a free market, it would […]

Quick Thoughts on Oil ETFs

Our trades on the U.S. Oil Fund (USO) and PowerShares DB Oil ETF (DBO) calls have all round tripped. So has the ETF position on U.S 3x Oil Fund (USOU). As covered in the Oil Is Going To A Brazillion article I don’t think we have a lot of risk in these […]