In this section you will find Fundamental Trends investment ideas, research and model portfolios. Fundamental Trends offers investment ideas in three categories: Stocks, ETFs and Option.
My stock ideas come from fundamentally screened companies that come from three different lists: Fundamental Leaders, Emerging Leaders and Cyclical Leaders. Those are whittled down to my famous “Very Short List” which includes 100 companies that I believe could lead in the next decade (which is much more important that the last decade for investors). 
My ETF ideas are dedicated to buidling exceptional Intelligent Asset Allocations that manage risk through diversification and offer upside opportunity in growing and/or undervalued sectors and regions of the globe.  
I do my own primary research, as well as, review dozens of other’s research. By leveraging the research of many, and sifting for the best ideas, we can find the few investments that make the most sense for generating growth and income.
What truly makes this investment letter different is our approach to buying and selling which is managed for risk differently than most others. I make extensive use of “limit orders” and cash-secured put option selling to scale into positions and secure low costs basis My indpendently monitored track record can be found at TipRanks.

Intel Quick Thoughts After Qualcomm & Apple Deal

Qualcomm (QCOM) mutually dropped all litigation with Apple (AAPL) today. The deal included a six year license agreement and a multiyear chipset supply agreement. While the deal is good for Qualcomm, it shot them to within about 10% of their decade high set in 2014. I think there is limited upside for Qualcomm at this point if you didn’t already own it. I would consider selling covered calls against the […]