Dividend Collector

Dividend Collector helps near retirees and retirees manage risk, collect income and have some growth to boot. Designed for equity like returns, but with a balanced portfolio risk profile.

This vital service is a key to a low stress and enjoyable retirement. Here we discuss asset allocation and stock picks to help you survive as the global economy rapidly shifts.

Sell Alert: Taking Profits On Invesco

We bought Invesco around $15 and around $10. We are taking 30-100% profits today on overbought conditions and less appreciation potential. Invesco is a good company, but we do not see it having a high likelihood of a double or triple from here, which is what we look for over 2-5 year cycles. Dividend collectors may elect to keep a small stake given the large dividend.

2 Dividend Stocks For An Overvalued Market

Summary The stock market is in a 3rd standard deviation of being overvalued.Low interest rates are a justification for some of the historic overvaluation.Federal Reserve produced excess liquidity is not infinite, but it is sufficient to fuel the rally for now – any pullback in excess liquidity would be met […]

Dividend Collector Quick Thoughts

Retirement Life Growth & Income uses a base ETF allocation and dividend stocks to generate a total return for retirement living. This strategy is meant to be used for an entire portfolio. Our mission with RLGI is to provide equity like total return with less risk than the stock market as a whole.

Kinder Morgan Cash Flow Engines

Kinder Morgan has two little talked about cash flow catalysts that investors should pay attention to. Also, Richard Kinder now owning over a quarter billion shares is about as pro shareholder as it gets.