Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds are all the rage among financial planners. The problem for individual investors is that the fees layer up quickly.

A financial advisor might charge about 1% to recommend money managers to clients. The money managers often charge another 1%. This is on top of the ETF fees. The combined 2% in “service” fees is a HUGE barrier to overcome.

Most people can manage an ETF portfolio very efficiently without having to overcome the layers of fees within the financial industry. Our solution is the ETF Tactical Trading service.

Fundamental Trends offers two global strategies: the Global Trends portfolio for long-term growth investors and the Global Asset Allocation portfolio for moderate risk balanced investors.

Either portfolio can be used as a stand alone strategy or as the core to build a stock portfolio around.

The Fundamental Trends ETF strategies manage for risk and search globally for opportunity. We seek to be positioned in growth assets, sectors and regions when they are value priced and rising in price.

We screen ETFs based upon several key criteria: expenses, valuation, internal holdings, methodology, growth outlook and other factors.

Our analysis of the internal fund holdings is unique and provides us a significant edge in building our strategies. See this Seeking Alpha article for an example of how breakdown funds:

XLE And XOP: Comparing 2 Popular SPDR Oil Stock ETFs

For complete access to our “ETF File” reports, portfolios, trade alerts and other analysis, sign up for ETF Tactical Investing today.

A Note To Beginning Investors

ETFs are a wonderful place to start investing. However, keep it simple when your portfolio is small in order to avoid unnecessary trading costs.

There is an overriding trend in the economy that is long-term. The shift from labor and capital intensive “old economy” companies towards scalable and smart “new economy” companies. While we will always need the “old economy,” many of those stocks will not be good investments due to thin margins.

I have covered a lot of the shift to the new economy here, on MarketWatch and on Seeking Alpha. If you are a beginning investor, there is one fund that is easy to begin with. Read this ETF File from Seeking Alpha:

The Only ETF You Need To Start Investing

Once you are to the point where you’d like explore other opportunities, please do subscribe. Until then, the Fundamental Trends 401k Alert service will makes sense for you as it provides asset allocation and broad information that will help you as you begin building your financial freedom.

ETFavorites – September ETF Buy Limit Orders

We have a select list of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that we use for our portfolios. I have screened these funds for their internal fundamentals and holdings, as well as, long-term performance metrics. These are the funds that have done the best over time and are positioned to continue doing well in a changing world. These are great tools for building a tactically diversified portfolio or as bolt on holdings […]

Brexit Priority Trades – ETFs

Brexit is creating a significant decline in markets. I don’t know if it will be enough to spur much buying from us. Remember, there was an irrational rally this week. What we have to determine is if today’s sell-off is a one day event or the start of a summer correction. Much of the carnage is overseas, so we’ll look there a bit. Scan the limit order lists. I have […]

ETF Limit Orders – June 2016

No changes from May Refer to the grids below to see the Exchange Traded Funds – ETFs – that we are considering investing in. In each chart will be the fund name, symbol, buy range and a very brief rational for our bullish interest or general notes. There will generally be stocks in 20 to 30 ETFs in addition to the SPY, QQQ, DIA and SPDR Selects which are the core […]

Global Trends ETF Portfolio May 2016

Global Trends ETF Portfolio Model update

In general, caution is the name of the game. As we’ve been discussing, risk is rising across the globe even as America appears to be an island unto itself. So, while I believe markets will get weaker over the summer and autumn, that doesn’t mean there can’t be an irrational rally higher, but if there is, it is something to sell into and to short. The Global Trends ETF portfolio […]

Setting Limit Buy Order for Central Fund of Canada – CEF

The Central Fund of Canada is an Alberta based Canadian company that passively holds gold and silver bullion which are both priced worldwide in U.S. dollars. Currently it is invested about 2/3 in gold and 1/3 in silver. All reserves are stored in a secure and audited location.  Please read the piece “Interpretive Dance with Janet Yellen” which I will have up later this afternoon for my full thoughts. […]

Selling half of First Trust Natural Gas ETF – FCG

Due to the recent OPEC news, I expect further downside in oil and gas stocks temporarily. Given that I am becoming more bearish, I am looking to add some dry powder to my portfolio. While we are down on the First Trust Natural Gas ETF (FCG) I am selling half of the position with the express intent of using that money to buy oil and gas stocks in the next […]