Portfolio Management

Fundamental Trends offers guidelines for building your portfolio. We do not offer “model portfolios” per se as everybody has different life circumstances, risk tolerance and financial flexibility. What we focus on are best practices to help you build a portfolio that suits you.

Our Global Trends ETF strategy can act as your guide to building an asset allocation. It can be either a complete portfolio or core portfolio to add stocks around. Most people invest about half their money in ETFs and the other half in stocks.

Here we include asset allocation ideas, risk analysis, portfolio strategies, scenario game theory and ideas for generating long-term income. 

Sustainable Growth Investing Model: December 2019

Sustainable Growth Investing uses a base ETF allocation and long-term growth stocks for generating capital appreciation. This strategy can be used for an entire portfolio or as an add-on to a more diversified portfolio, such as, a retirement plan. The Sustainable Growth Investing mission is to beat the S&P 500 stock market index without added risk.

Global Trends ETF Model: December 2019

Global Trends ETF uses tactical asset allocation to find opportunities and manage risk using low cost ETFs. This ETF strategy can be used as a whole portfolio or as the core to build a stock portfolio around.
Our mission with Global Trends ETF is to create a diversified portfolio that uses asset allocation to exploit opportunities and manage risk.

Fade The Market In Early April

Money flows are observable and somewhat predictable for markets. In December, I discussed how money flow was negatively impacting the stock market. Here is that article: 4 Pieces of Missing Money Crushing Markets In short, outflows from liquidating hedge funds, tax-loss selling, a Fed that had ramped up QT to $50 billion a month, virtually no foreign investment (see China’s 90% plus fall off) and the permanent dribble out of […]