This section is for those who are using option selling strategies:

  • cash-secured put selling for building stock positions and generating income
  • covered call writing for trimming positions and generating income
  • LEAP call buying for when large opportunities present themselves, such as after major corrections
  • While we do not use call strategies often, we do use cash-secured put selling regularly. By taking advantage of people’s emotions which cause volatility, we can often sell a cash-secured put on a stock or ETF we like longer-term and generate income while building a position as some of the puts get “put to us” meaning we buy the underlying security. It is a professional strategy that takes some getting used to, however, if you are a long-term investor with a contrarian streak who likes to add income to the bottom line, this is THE strategy worth learning.
    Before making any options trades, read Characteristics & Risks of Standardized Options, study the CBOE Education Center and engage in paper (pretend) trading for an extended period before trading options.
    Most trades are hidden, however, several have been released to serve as samples. More will be released as the options expire.