In this section you will find Fundamental Trends investment ideas, research, model portfolios 401(k) Alerts. Fundamental Trends offers investment ideas in three categories: Stocks, ETFs, Options & 401(k) Asset Allocation.

What truly makes this investment letter different is our approach to buying and selling which is managed for risk differently than most others. We make extensive use of “limit orders” and cash-secured put option selling to scale into positions and secure low costs basis.

Option Selling Ideas – 7/20/20

Summary Covered call spreadsheet. Cash-secured put spreadsheet. Ask questions in comments and at MoSI Option Selling chat. Each Monday I put out lists of covered calls and cash-secured puts using screens at BarCharts. I am screening for VSL stocks, as well as, an expanded universe of stocks that used to be on the VSL. Stocks no longer on the VSL should have covered calls written near the money in hopes […]

Plug & Play ETF Portfolio Models Q3 2020

Summary Read “Using The Plug & Play Portfolio Models” before you do any buying or selling. First off are cash levels appropriate for different investor mindsets. Plug & Play Portfolio Models. My “Plug & Play Portfolio Models” present investment ideas from our “Very Short Lists” that are near buy zones as of the first week of the new quarter. These are NOT model portfolios to be jumped into right now! There is […]

Swinging For The Fences: From Hedging To Being Net Negative On SPY And Oil Stocks

Weekly swing trading ideas in shorthand. Mind your allocations. Manage your risk. Build your charts. Understand the indicators. SPY Puts The easiest way to hedge is to buy SPDR S&P 500 ETF $SPY puts. You don’t want to pay a lot for time value, so rarely go more than about 10 weeks out. Last Thursday I suggested buying the Aug $295 SPY puts under $10. I did and sold half […]

Investing In The 2nd Half Of 2020 – SPECIAL REPORT

The following report covers where we are in the economy and markets. It has become clear to me that another correction is coming of some significance. The problem we face is whether the combination of Fed money and a potential medical miracle can stave off the worse case scenarios. I believe to an extent they can. However, that still leaves room for the bear market to resume. Speculative excess is […]

Quick Thoughts: Enphase

Summary Enphase operates in a duopoly with Solar Edge in the solar microinverters space. Enphase is expanding into energy management which is a natural flow. I believe this stock will reach $200 per share by the middle 2020s. It currently trades around $50. If you are a growth investor, you should look to acquire Enphase for a full position 2%-4% of net asset value. If you are a primarily focused […]

Buying Portfolio Hedges Now

We have been talking about hedging in the R.A.R.E. chat room for weeks. The current level of the S&P 500 $SPY is at a major resistance zone. I am not sure if there is enough hopium or dollars from small investors to push any higher. Also, the Fed is reducing market supports every week or two, so that rocket fuel is about spent until another round of stimulus. Very simply […]

3 Stock Market Scenarios Short To Intermediate Term

Today we game out the potential scenarios for the stock market in the short, intermediate and long-term. While the rally might continue a bit longer, there is a certainty of at least a retracing of the rally for a small correction. There are also worse outcomes if the economy does not have the “V” shape recovery that many are hoping for. This is piece is open to members and those with a “Free Library Card.”

Swinging For The Fences – Week Of May 11th

Each Monday morning I am putting out a piece with a few swing trade ideas to focus on for the week. It is up to you to participate in analysis and seek risk management tools that work for you. If you expect to just follow along, expect to be disappointed. Risk Management & Basic Trade Criteria Risk management will involve applying technical analysis and having stop orders on most trades. […]