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What truly makes this investment letter different is our approach to buying and selling which is managed for risk differently than most others. We make extensive use of “limit orders” and cash-secured put option selling to scale into positions and secure low costs basis.

Tesla Becomes More Attractive Again

Tesla (TSLA) stimulates plenty of debate these days regarding whether the company will achieve long-term success or will succumb to bankruptcy or maybe a combination of both. I will show how Tesla’s valuation improved and how long-term trends are likely to work in Tesla’s favor. On top of this, Elon Musk’s ‘whatever it takes’ mindset provides an additional driver for Tesla to avoid bankruptcy and achieve long-term success for the company and the stock.

Permian Stocks To Buy Stock And Calls On

With Chevron bowing out on the Anadarko battle with Occidental, that leaves quite a few companies in play again. Both Chevron and Exxon are likely to expand their footprint in U.S. shale in coming quarters. A spread of calls across the most attractive buyout and merger candidates could generate outsize returns as M&A activity takes place in the American oil patch. I recently covered 8 Permian Oil Merger & Acquisition […]