In this section you will find Fundamental Trends investment ideas, research, model portfolios 401(k) Alerts. Fundamental Trends offers investment ideas in three categories: Stocks, ETFs, Options & 401(k) Asset Allocation.

What truly makes this investment letter different is our approach to buying and selling which is managed for risk differently than most others. We make extensive use of “limit orders” and cash-secured put option selling to scale into positions and secure low costs basis.

Stock Limit Orders: May 2016

Refer to the grids below to see the three categories of stocks that we are considering investing in. In each chart will be the company/fund name, symbol, buy range and a very brief rational for our bullish interest. There will generally be stocks in 30 to 50 companies that we are looking at on a monthly basis. Using Limit Orders We extensively use “limit” orders to set up buys. This beats sitting […]

Setting Limit Buy Order for Central Fund of Canada – CEF

The Central Fund of Canada is an Alberta based Canadian company that passively holds gold and silver bullion which are both priced worldwide in U.S. dollars. Currently it is invested about 2/3 in gold and 1/3 in silver. All reserves are stored in a secure and audited location.  Please read the piece “Interpretive Dance with Janet Yellen” which I will have up later this afternoon for my full thoughts. […]

Selling all SunEdison, TerraForm and Terraform Global

I’m selling all shares of SUNE, TERP and GLBL as bankruptcy or massive dilution seem imminent for SUNE. While I do not expect the yield cos to go to zero, they could go much lower and there are healthier companies out there right now. I am targeting the Guggenheim Solar ETF for purchase. Right now I have a limit order set at $19 on that because most of the stocks […]