In this section you will find Fundamental Trends investment ideas, research, model portfolios 401(k) Alerts. Fundamental Trends offers investment ideas in three categories: Stocks, ETFs, Options & 401(k) Asset Allocation.

What truly makes this investment letter different is our approach to buying and selling which is managed for risk differently than most others. We make extensive use of “limit orders” and cash-secured put option selling to scale into positions and secure low costs basis.

Adding Limit Order for AbbVie – ABBV

I have started a thread for AbbVie in the forum.  After doing a lot of reading about AbbVie, I have decided to add it to the Very Short List and establish a limit order for making a first buy of the stock. While I do expect short-term market weakness, I also expect healthcare stocks to do very well coming out of election season once the rhetoric gets dialed down. I […]

Buying Exact Sciences LEAPs

I am currently listening to the Exact Sciences earnings call. The Anthem news is excellent. Revenue is going to be good. Kevin affirms test volume. Points out focus on controlling costs. Looks like company can be profitable by Q4 2016 or Q1 2017. I am buying the January 2018 $8 calls with a limit price of $2.50 for 1% of the Punch Card Stocks portfolio. Kirk Fundamental Trends

Taking Profits on Puts on iShares Russell 2000 ETF – IWM

I am closing the puts on the iShares Russell 2000 ETF – IWM. Ahead of Janet Yellen, I want to take profits on these puts we bought a month ago. With only a month left of duration, I will be looking to roll into new put positions on any significant technical rally as I see the S&P 500 going into the lower 1600s and continuing to drag small cap stocks […]