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Stocks Of The Week: 4 New “Very Short List” Additions

In the short Thanksgiving week, I thought I’d take some time to remind you to read the Investment Philosophy. Pay special attention to this piece: 

” The only way to make single stock risk acceptable is if you are investing in companies that can significantly beat the stock market averages and be leaders in their sectors, industries or countries.” 

Option Selling Weekly 11/17/2020

Summary There are very few oversold or undervalued stocks to sell cash-secured puts on. There are many overbought and overvalued stocks to sell covered calls on. Duration and strike prices are up to you as you know your asset allocation, risk tolerance and cost basis. In general, sell a lot of January covered calls at or near the money in my opinion. CBOE Options Institute EducationEach week I cover a […]

Quick Thoughts On Apple & 5G

Apple is one of the best companies in the world, but its stock is expensive against next year’s analyst earnings. A pullback is likely. 5G is causing a massive new buying cycle of smartphones though. What’s next for Apple? I think we know. (Members Only. Become a member to read this piece of analysis. Use code RARE50 to get RARE half price forever).

2 Dividend Stocks For An Overvalued Market

Summary The stock market is in a 3rd standard deviation of being overvalued. Low interest rates are a justification for some of the historic overvaluation. Federal Reserve produced excess liquidity is not infinite, but it is sufficient to fuel the rally for now – any pullback in excess liquidity would be met with stock selling. Here are some stocks with little long-term risk that can hold up to future volatility […]

Trade Alerts – Mainly Gold Related

The “narrative” might have changed with announcement that vaccine from Pfizer (PFE) is pretty good, but really this is just a short squeeze. The reality is that we are still between 3-5 quarters from a normalizing economy that will still take a couple years to repair. Ultimately, Fed liquidity is allowing these wild swing. When, not if, Fed liquidity becomes even a little less accommodative, stock prices reverse with equal […]

Plug & Play Stock Portfolio Models Q4 2020

Our vital Plug & Play Portfolio Model for stocks Q4 2020. Get the top stocks for growth and the top dividend stocks too. These stocks are tops in relative performance, growth and value. Members only. Access with any membership Sustainable Growth or above. Use code Rare50 for 50% off forever for our R.A.R.E. all inclusive service. This is on top of the first year 50% discount. So, your price is 75% off for only $249 your first year.

Options Ideas 9/14/2020

This article should be used in conjunction with the Stocks of the Week article for the same date. Option Opportunities Selling cash-secured puts on any of the stocks in the “Stocks You Can Buy” section is always a possibility. High volatility to the downside, presuming our thesis isn’t broken is always good for premium.  Generally speaking, I like to sell puts on growth stocks and just buy the dividend stocks […]