Fundamental Trends multi-analyst team covers over 200 stocks that have been screened according to our 4-step process.

Our bar for buying any stock is that we believe it can offer a double on total return within 5-7 years. For growth stocks there must be a possibility for a triple as well.

We believe in building in a “margin of safety” on each purchase. This means not only are we looking for valuable assets, but we are looking for value pricing of those assets.

While many prefer to chase price, we allow price to come to us. This discipline and patience has served us well.

Your strongest edge as an investor is the ability to evaluate a company and let the calendar work for you. Not only can you beat the market that way, but you can do other things with your time.

Fundamental Leaders Stock List

The Fundamental Leaders Stock List is available to subscribers here, however, I do email it periodically to people signed up for “FREE Research” on the front page. This list is built by screening the market with several high-end tools, multiple formulas, insights from various analysts and my 20 years of experience I have been able to curate a universe of companies that lead their markets. If you like consistent investment returns with […]

Buying SunPower (SPWR) & First Solar (FSLR)

Both SunPower and First Solar have become very oversold and are now buys. Retain some dry powder in case the stocks fall another 20-30% and you need to average in.  The case for solar: One of the fastest growing industries on the planet. It satisfies all four “check boxes” for investing in a slow growth world. 1. Secular change is benefiting solar. Climate change is a major catalyst for continued […]

Very Short List: August Stock Limit Orders

Each month I update the limit order price ranges on our “Very Short List.”  This list is made up of about 50 companies that we would love to own shares in (usually 20-30 at any one time) if there were some event that suddenly pushed prices down by 5% to 20% – like August 24th, 2015 when the market opened sharply lower and then quickly rebounded. Since we don’t know which […]

Buying Potash Corp

Potash Corp is once again within our buying range. There are two different trades you can make.  Buy the stock outright at market OR Sell a cash-secured put. The CEO of the company stated that this appears to be the bottom of the cycle. As I’ve pointed out, the capex pullbacks in potash, much like in oil and gas, is going to fuel a sharp rally at some point. Right […]

Brexit Priority Trades – Stocks

We are interested in four types of stocks: Those with real organic secular growth, generally due to demographics or changing global climate. Those that are truly disruptive to the “old economy.” Those that are benefiting from or will benefit from government supports. Those that are at deep value prices.  In general I am targeting the low-end of buy ranges. I can always change a limit order to a market order if there […]

Stock Limit Orders: May 2016

Refer to the grids below to see the three categories of stocks that we are considering investing in. In each chart will be the company/fund name, symbol, buy range and a very brief rational for our bullish interest. There will generally be stocks in 30 to 50 companies that we are looking at on a monthly basis. Using Limit Orders We extensively use “limit” orders to set up buys. This beats sitting […]

Selling all SunEdison, TerraForm and Terraform Global

I’m selling all shares of SUNE, TERP and GLBL as bankruptcy or massive dilution seem imminent for SUNE. While I do not expect the yield cos to go to zero, they could go much lower and there are healthier companies out there right now. I am targeting the Guggenheim Solar ETF for purchase. Right now I have a limit order set at $19 on that because most of the stocks […]

Adding Limit Order for AbbVie – ABBV

I have started a thread for AbbVie in the forum.  After doing a lot of reading about AbbVie, I have decided to add it to the Very Short List and establish a limit order for making a first buy of the stock. While I do expect short-term market weakness, I also expect healthcare stocks to do very well coming out of election season once the rhetoric gets dialed down. I […]

Selling 3D Systems (DDD) and Stratasys (SSYS)

While this goes against a long nature of holding what I buy long-term regardless of price action, I spent the past 5 hours reading documents from both companies (yes, I’ve been getting up too early lately). I find it hard to believe that in an industry that is still in a supply and demand imbalance, and that is adding competitors – big ones HP, AAPL and start-ups with great technology […]

Buying Shares of Potash Corp – POT

Potash Corp is one of the most important agriculture companies on the planet. This sell-off is overdone. I will take the dividend as I wait for continued droughts to push demand for fertilizer and bad financial circumstances restraining competition. I am buying up to 2-4% of NAV. Buy shares of Potash Corporation – POT at market tomorrow around $15.50-16. Kirk Spano Fundamental Trends  

Buying TerraForm Power stock – TERP

I have been revising my lists of stocks the past few months in preparation for expanded trading and modeling in 2016. One of the stocks that is now on my Emerging Leaders list is TerraForm Power (along with a few other Yield Cos). I have added these vehicles because of how they are likely to perform similarly to MLPs back when there was growth in MLPs. As you know, solar […]

Taking Profit on Total stock – TOT

Due to the recent OPEC news, I expect further downside in oil and gas stocks temporarily. Given that I am becoming more bearish, I am looking to add some dry powder to my portfolio. Despite Total S.A. showing up as the strongest long-term oil major play outside of U.S. due to its assets, diversification and majority stake in SunPower, I am selling today for a small profit. I am selling […]

Taking Profits on Intel stock – INTC

As I mentioned a few days back, I am taking my profit now on Intel – INTC. We originally bought Intel for $25.52 on “Bucket Monday” Monday, August 24th the day that opened down over 1000 points on the Dow. Given the extreme nature of that event, we bought 10 stocks that morning. We have now sold some for heady profits. I expect further volatility and expect a bit more […]

Taking Profits on Google/Alphabet – GOOG

We bought Google/Alphabet on “Bucket Monday” at $578/share when we bought ten stocks on the 1000 point down day. While I still love the company, I don’t love it as much as the stock market has the past two days. The company announced what amounted to a 1% buyback of their shares and the stock price is up over 15% on trend followers piling in. I’m not one to chase […]

Buying Exact Sciences LEAPs – EXAS

Exact Sciences seems to be behaving better. While I still expect volatility, with the possible exception of a slow adoption number, there is almost no negative surprises left to hurt us. I want to lever up a bit more on this company given what I know to be true about it, which is that it has a great product that helps achieve the American Cancer Society’s, Medicare’s and everybody else’s […]

Adding more Exact Sciences with GTC limit

It is clear to me in reading USPSTF documents on understanding their ratings that Exact Science’s Cologuard has attained an “A” rating for colon cancer screening. The details are still to be hashed out about what are “certain clinical situations.” As we know, the test is designed for the average risk population which is very large. The asymmetric upside in Exact was and still is that by the end of […]

Buying Exact Sciences stock – EXAS

I am adding to Exact Sciences (EXAS) positions. I am recommending addition at the open today. I am listening to the conference call regarding USPSTF rating as I type. Exact is included in the USPSTF draft ratings in a new category as an “alternative” screening tool to the previously recommended screening tests. Final ratings will be issued late this year or early next year. There is not likely to be […]