Fundamental Trends multi-analyst team covers over 200 stocks that have been screened according to our 4-step process.

Our bar for buying any stock is that we believe it can offer a double on total return within 5-7 years. For growth stocks there must be a possibility for a triple as well.

We believe in building in a “margin of safety” on each purchase. This means not only are we looking for valuable assets, but we are looking for value pricing of those assets.

While many prefer to chase price, we allow price to come to us. This discipline and patience has served us well.

Your strongest edge as an investor is the ability to evaluate a company and let the calendar work for you. Not only can you beat the market that way, but you can do other things with your time.

Deep Dive: Intel (INTC) – part 1

Summary Intel is largest semiconductor company in the world with a dominant position in the declining PC business and servers which continue to grow with cloud. The company has used its fortress balance sheet to improve tech to jump to near or at the lead in AI and automotive offerings. Intel might be on the verge of breaking into mobile phones in a big way in the next few years. […]

3 Dividend-Paying Blue Chips That Could Leave Retirees Blue

The concept of dividend growth investing is a strong and good one for investors. However, the idea of dividends often becomes an emotional one for investors who then ignore declining fundamentals in stocks and rising market risks. The end result is that people who cannot afford to take large losses often suffer life changing financial pain at a time it is hard to overcome to having no earned income. In […]

A Fat Dividend And Cloaked Growth At GameStop

Summary GameStop wrongly is compared to Blockbuster, on the contrary, GameStop took the clue and is doing almost everything right. Technology brands including AT&T, Cricket and Apple, as well as, a thriving high margin collectibles business is diversifying earnings rapidly. GameStop’s balance sheet is strong, and comfortably supports its recently raised 9% dividend yield. The market is overselling GameStop ahead of its November 21st earnings release and Christmas sales period. […]

Target Trades November 2017

This month I am introducing a new regular article to help keep our investing tactical and organized. Below, you will find a summary of my short and intermediate term outlook, as well as, a chart of all the stocks that are buys or close to being buys. The chart is complete with buy orders, notes and option trades for managing risk, generating income or leveraging for asymmetric upside gains. 

Buy The Uncertainty In SunPower For A Potential 10 Bagger

SunPower (SPWR) is on my “Very Short List” of about 100 stocks that can lead in the next decade. It is now a holding of mine, as the October $7 puts I sold about a month ago were assigned to me on Friday. I am very happy with a net cost a shade under $7 per share. I’d be happy with any price in the $7s and might add more soon. Read […]

Buy the Blowoff Bottom in this Grocer

SuperValue is the nation’s largest wholesale grocer and also a retailer. The stock has been beaten down on pessimism in the space and the impending arrival of the Amazon and Whole Foods tie-up. Several grocers are dramatically undervalued, SuperValue is one of them. There is likely at least one and possible two strategic transactions coming that will unlock that value.

Very Short List Q4 2017

Our “Very Short List” is composed of approximately 100 extensively researched companies that are poised lead over the next several The Very Short List list includes the: Fundamental Leaders group of strongly profitable companies trading at value prices often paying a dividend or engaging in buybacks. Emerging Leaders which have catalysts that could lead to explosive growth. This group also includes highly cyclical stocks, such as energy stocks.  I also have denoted the companies that are […]

Quick Thoughts On The New And Improved “Dividend 30” Stocks

As you probably read last month, I got beat up pretty badly for saying to sell some of folks favorite dividend stocks. On August 4th, in “3 Supposedly Safe Dividend Stocks to Dump Now” I said to sell Coca Cola (KO), Procter & Gamble (PG) and Verizon (VZ). Since then, all of the stocks are about even, plus or minus a few percent. That’s often the case with overvalued stocks […]

Quick Thoughts: Introducing The Dividend Dozen

When I pick dividend stocks, I am looking for companies that can grow those dividends over time. That means that somehow the company has to be able to see increasing revenues, without taking on massive debt, over time. Below are twelve companies that fit the bill.  Make sure you read my article: 4 Steps To Better Dividend Growth Investing

Buying 8point3 Energy (CAFD)

8point3 Energy (CAFD) [the symbol cutely refers to “Cash Available For Distribution”] is on the opposite side of a merger. It is essentially a solar utility that holds completed projects, collects the income and pays out a dividend.

Buying CenturyLink Back (CTL)

CenturyLink (CTL) and Level 3 (LVLT) appear to have cleared all of their merger hurdles and that’s good. Now that CenturyLink shares have sunk on fears about the customer complaint lawsuits, I am very much interested in it again. The huge dividend is probably secure, but if not, will still be pretty darn good.

Buying Potash Corp (POT)

Potash Corp (POT) is merging with Agrium (AGU) imminently. This will create an awesome vertical structure for the new company as Agrium has a large retail network for the combined company’s products. The wholesale distribution of Agrium has the potential to really charge sales of the combined product line.

Adding Store Capital to VSL

I am stealing an idea from another Seeking Alpha author who follows REITs almost exclusively. The stock is Store Capital (STOR) which Warren Buffett just bought a stake in. I am going to refer you to a pair of pieces on Seeking Alpha to get to know the company.

Adding Control4 to Very Short List

The “Internet of Things,” a phrase I hated a few years ago because it sounded a little too clever and pithy to me, is quickly becoming one of my favorites. The connected world, for any trepidation I might have about it personally, is becoming a foregone conclusion.

Very Short List: Q3 2017

Our “Very Short List” is composed of 50 to 60 extensively researched companies that are poised to double, triple or more in price the next few years. The Very Short List list includes the more conservative Fundamental Leaders group of strongly profitable companies trading at value prices often paying a dividend and the Emerging Leaders which have catalysts that could lead to explosive growth. Before you look at the companies on the list, read this […]

Selling CenturyLink (CTL) on Marketing Scandal

While I still very much like the CenturyLink and Level 3 merger, I am bothered by the complaint against the company regarding sales practices.  I do not think there will be permanent damage to the company, however, I am not interested in taking punishment from the market while things shake out. The stock certainly has the potential to drop into the lower $20s which would represent over a 10% loss […]

Buying 3 Oil Stocks

The energy sector is getting beat up again, especially oil. The charts show a fairly strong support level for oil in the middle $40s which we have discussed before. While there might be a bit more downside if there is strange news out of the Middle East short-term, I think we need to focus on the intermediate term.