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Global Trends ETF provides our macro, sector and industry analysis, as well as, ETF files and technical analysis to give us an edge versus the markets.

Low cost ETFs are a wonderful place to start investing, create a core portfolio or use for an entire portfolio. Stick with investing in the secular long-term growth trends, such as technology, 4th Industrial Revolution, biotech, communications, 5G, IoT, AR, VR and consumer trends for the best returns.

If you are a beginning investor, there is one fund that is easy to begin with that is on the right side of the long-term trends.

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Global Trends ETF Update 5/22/21

It’s a golden world and getting goldier by the week. It’s time to sell most Bitcoin and head back into gold stocks. Plus, after calling the ARKK correction, I focus on where to buy it back, which is quite a bit lower from here if I’m right about Tesla needing a fat correction. More ETF Trends and pivots.

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A Game Plan For A Correction

If you want a full game plan for what to buy on a correction, here it is. ETFs, stocks, SPACs everything we are focusing on if we get a September like correction or worse. Become a member today if you aren’t. This long form post will make all your money back for years worth of membership.

Global Trends ETF

Global Trends ETFavorites Sheet Link

Global Trends ETF monitors over 160 screened ETFs for strategy, holdings, liquidity, factors, management and expenses. Our ETFavorites sheet organizes these top ETFs. This is Members Only content. To view our favorite ETFs, see our asset allocations and follow our trades, become a member of Global Trends ETF today.

Global Trends ETF

Plug & Play ETF Portfolio Models Q3 2020

Summary Read “Using The Plug & Play Portfolio Models” before you do any buying or selling.First off are cash levels appropriate for different investor mindsets.Plug & Play Portfolio Models. My “Plug & Play Portfolio Models” present investment ideas from our “Very Short Lists” that are near buy zones as of the first […]

Global Trends ETF

Global Trends ETF Chart Book April 2020

Here’s our looked for monthly ETF Chart Book for April 2020. This is one of the most important chart books we’ve put out given the deep correction we are experiencing due to Coronavirus COVID-19. You must have a Global Trends ETF or higher membership. Anyone who does not, this month only, subscribe to Global Trends ETF with your first year 50% off and you will be upgraded to our sustainable growth membership.

Global Trends ETF

ETF Buy List Update

ETFs are the core of your asset allocation. These low cost vehicles allow you to easily weight your asset allocation to the strongest parts of the economy. Here is our latest Coronavirus Crash update. We have one buy right now and a four others coming.