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(SOTW: Buy Alert) Dissecting A Hedge Fund Induced Sell-off

A large hedge fund was subject to massive margin calls that drove two excellent stocks from great companies down over 50%. These are unique opportunities. A quick refresh reminds us why these stocks were on the VSL. One is a buy for any investor, including dividend investors, the other is appropriate for aggressive accounts as it is now a takeover target.

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Dividend Sleuthing: Utilities

Summary Dividend investors naturally consider utility companies for an income portfolio, particularly investors in or near retirement.Investors in regulated utilities receive a measure of dividend safety but usually give up the potential for explosive growth.Here are brief snapshots of six utilities, one of which is being added to one of […]

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A Call On Tesla

Tesla is perhaps the biggest “battleground” stock in the stock market. Bulls are foot stomping bulls and bears are chest thumping bears. It’s quite the site to behold when they get to blogging at each other without really understanding what they are talking about. Tesla might be the company most […]

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Cleaning Up An Oil Spill – Part 2

Summary Selling all U.S. Oil Fund 3x Leverage (USOU). Replacing with calls on SPDR Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF (XOP) and calls on several oil stocks. The algebra of the levered funds is too hard to overcome during declines that last more than a few days. Options are […]