Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Growth Investing captures the essence of the massive changes and challenges of the 2020s. Our focus is on innovation, technology, clean energy and the resources that support a sustainable world.

Our bar for buying any stock is that we believe it has a reasonable chance to offer a triple or more in the next several years.

We believe in building in a “margin of safety” on each purchase. Sustainable Growth Investing means we are not only looking for growth, but growth at a value price for our initial purchases.

While many prefer to chase price, we allow price to come to us. This discipline and patience has served us well.

Your strongest edge as an investor is the ability to evaluate a company and let the calendar work for you. Not only can you beat the market that way, but you can do other things with your time.

Sustainable Growth

Buying Potash Corp

Potash Corp is once again within our buying range. There are two different trades you can make.  Buy the stock outright at market OR Sell a cash-secured put. The CEO of the company stated that this appears to be the bottom of the cycle. As I’ve pointed out, the capex […]

Sustainable Growth

Brexit Priority Trades – Stocks

We are interested in four types of stocks: Those with real organic secular growth, generally due to demographics or changing global climate. Those that are truly disruptive to the “old economy.” Those that are benefiting from or will benefit from government supports. Those that are at deep value prices.  In general I […]

Sustainable Growth

Stock Limit Orders: May 2016

Refer to the grids below to see the three categories of stocks that we are considering investing in. In each chart will be the company/fund name, symbol, buy range and a very brief rational for our bullish interest. There will generally be stocks in 30 to 50 companies that we are looking […]