Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Growth Investing captures the essence of the massive changes and challenges of the 2020s. Our focus is on innovation, technology, clean energy and the resources that support a sustainable world.

Our bar for buying any stock is that we believe it has a reasonable chance to offer a triple or more in the next several years.

We believe in building in a “margin of safety” on each purchase. Sustainable Growth Investing means we are not only looking for growth, but growth at a value price for our initial purchases.

While many prefer to chase price, we allow price to come to us. This discipline and patience has served us well.

Your strongest edge as an investor is the ability to evaluate a company and let the calendar work for you. Not only can you beat the market that way, but you can do other things with your time.

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Stocks Of The Week 5/3/21

This week we review 5 stocks. Two that aren’t quite ready, but we should watch carefully and three that I am buying this week. Going into the portfolio is a medical diagnostics stock that is an M&A target, a mental health stock that helps keep people on track and an international solar play that has had a rough time at home despite huge growth rates. I see triples in all their futures.

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(Trade Alert) EV & 4IR Leader

This company is poised to be the leader in EVs and has a massive amount of opportunities due to its 4IR technology. Further, the company has an extremely valuable real estate portfolio. It currently trades at 1/14th the market cap of a competitor that it outsells 8 to 1. This stock, not Tesla, can triple fairly easily in the next few years and could be a ten-bagger if Millennials go for a ride.

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Trade Alert: Stock, Puts, Calls, Warrants To The Moon, Or At Least Orbit

A post merger SPAC has come under short attack in the window post deal and pre-institutional buyers get in. This has happened several other times as traders, including basement hedge funds, exploit low float stocks. This is not much different than with microcaps. The difference is institutions will buy shares soon, reversing the trend back up. Get in before that happens.

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Dividend Sleuth’s Q1 2021 Portfolio Review

Summary This is my personal portfolio. Its purpose is supplemental retirement income through a relatively safe, growing dividend stream.Q1 began with 21 holdings. No positions were closed and 3 new positions were added, ending the quarter with 24 companies.Additions: Home Depot, Healthcare Trust of America and Prudential Financial.The gain for […]

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(SOTW: Buy Alert) Dissecting A Hedge Fund Induced Sell-off

A large hedge fund was subject to massive margin calls that drove two excellent stocks from great companies down over 50%. These are unique opportunities. A quick refresh reminds us why these stocks were on the VSL. One is a buy for any investor, including dividend investors, the other is appropriate for aggressive accounts as it is now a takeover target.

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(Trade Alert) Selling Puts & Buying Start Position In Company With Recent VA Deal And Potential Reddit Army Movement

We are selling puts on and buying a starter position on a stock that has fallen recently. The company lost a key client, but might bring them back, as well as, has recently signed two major new clients, including the Veterans Administration. This stock is only valued at $500m but is a leader in a $30b+ space. Available to all stock memberships.

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Buying This Soaring IPO

We are buying a SPAC at the IPO if pricing works for us. This company has all the attributes we look for: great management with a positive track record, a big pile of money and a focus on a growth space that is ripe for innovation and/or consolidation. Members of Sustainable Growth and higher have access to this stock which can triple or more like its two predecessors.

Sustainable Growth

2 More SPACs For Your SPAC Sleeve

I actually mention 3 SPACs that I am interested in. Two I am buying this week, the other I am studying that might be a buy on a small dip. So far, all of the SPACs we’ve gotten involved in have low risk and potential to double or triple within a few years. Members of Sustainable Growth and higher have access.

Sustainable Growth

(SOTW) A Basket Of SPACs To Nibble On

Here are 6 SPACs currently trading at discounts to anticipated merger deals. I expect each one to double or triple within 3-4 years, possibly sooner. The protection are great management teams, focus and piles of cash. If you have missed out on SPAC cash, these might be the plays you are looking for. Must be a Sustainable Growth member or higher.