Chat Highlights – A bank stock to buy now


  • It’s time to open a position in New York Community Bancorp (NYCB) and sell puts for April and May.
  • The recent price drop in Enovix (ENVX) stock may be a buying opportunity.
  • Kirk Spano is adding Lithium Americas (LAC) to the Punch Card Growth Stocks list due to potential rise in EVs and tax credits.

Each week we publish a summary of a few of the articles, topics and ideas found in the MoSI chat. We encourage you to visit chat to read about updates to our investments, share ideas, and ask questions. What follows are a few of the conversation threads from this past week and links to some videos and articles. Join us in the chat.

Time to buy New York Community Bank

Kirk Spano Mar 12

I am opening a starter position in New York Community Bancorp. (NYCB) and selling $3 puts for April and May. I think this bank could look a lot like US Bancorp over the next decade plus. Here’s what that little bank did…

New York Community Bank Monthly Chart

Kirk Spano Mar 15

I just bought a second starter in (NYCB) to bring my position to a half size about 2%. And, I sold equiv of a 1% position May $4 puts that I got 50¢ for.

Enovix stock price fell over 13% this week

Sandy Ferguson Mar 15

Just letting folks know that I just bought more (ENVX) pre-market. I can’t resist the current price and believe it is all because of some stupid social media comments from J. Reyes (aka “The Cuban Cannon”) – who is often insightful, but shoots his mouth off and freaked people out with speculation. I think this is a crazy opportunity to enter the stock if you are interested.

Kirk Spano Mar 16

I have to brush up, but still only have a 1/2 position. I might sell puts. Same caveats on ENVX – battery tech moves fast and leads disappear. I do think they can, should and will license their tech out.

Adding Lithium Americas (LAC) to the Punch Card Growth Stocks list

Kirk Spano Mar 15

a couple years back when everyone was on the lithium bandwagon I said there was no shortage developing and don’t buy those stocks. Here we are 2 years later and all those stocks crashed and now reflect that we’ll never use much more lithium which is equally wrong. I am adding Lithium Americas (LAC) to the PCS growth list. It is the one that bought Millennial Lithium which was a stock we bought dirt cheap. I like the company a lot and think they are going to rise substantially on EVs and tax credits. They just got a loan from U.S. gubment to develop a site in Nevada.

Replays of Kirk’s webinars this past week

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