Chat Highlights – Aemetis Calls And AST SpaceMobile Dilutes


  • Aemetis (AMTX) offers us some trading opportunities.
  • AST SpaceMobile (ASTS) receives strategic investments from Google, AT&T, and Vodafone.
  • And more – January rebalancing – a Fed pivot.

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Making some Aemetis (AMTX) trades

Kirk Spano Jan 12

yes, the 4200 AMTX $10 April calls purchased today were me. I couldn’t resist 10-15¢ lotto tickets. The selloff the past couple weeks coincided with market weakness and the market maker being able to sell shares that he held in case our calls were in the money. Lesson learned, sell almost all calls when up 3x, 5x and 10x, not just a third of them. I expect stocks to start rising out of options expiration next week. It’s a realllllly big one in the market, not just AMTX. There are going to be a lot of calls that expire worthless. That has led to this dribble out of stocks. It’s not mood. It’s mechanics. Market makers are just rebalancing their books. When new call positions get put on the next week or two, stocks should rise. If they don’t, then we might have an issue named JPow, but I think he’s going to be nice, so, I do expect a rally into and probably out of that Fed meeting. We’ll see.

Kirk Spano Jan 16

AMTX has been issuing some shares to pay down debt. No worries. Minor dilution. Market makers also rebalancing into option expiration. Should reverse back up in coming weeks, a nice JPow would help.

Kirk Spano Jan 18

On that note, I bought 20k shares of AMTX across 14 accounts last 2 days including my own.

AST SpaceMobile (ASTS) receives some strategic investment

Kirk Spano Jan 18

This is why you primarily just buy micro caps instead of selling puts. Never know when a catalyst drives the stock up 30% in 20 minutes.

LesRob Jan 18

After market high $6 now at $4 below the close of today.

Kirk Spano Jan 18

This dilution by ASTS is the spot to fill positions after strategic investments from Google, ATT & Vodaphone.

Niko.s Jan 18

I’m feeling that buying here at $3.81 AH isn’t a bad place?… thinking of adding my last buys tomorrow. Google/ATT and vodaphone seems like a huge validation. Retail spaceMob seems very angry on reddit/discord at the offering, and I don’t really understand why.

Kirk Spano Jan 18

Because they’re little kids.

Does nuclear fit in our 4 IR framework?

Solymn Jan 18

Does nuclear play any part in your 4 IR concept?

Kirk Spano Jan 18

Nope. Not yet. We’re finally really 30 years from sort of useful fusion. Small nuclear reactors aren’t worthwhile yet, notice the recently canceled contracts.

People can say that nuclear is a solution to climate change, but NIMBY and when it blows, it blows big.

General thoughts about January rebalancing

Kirk Spano Jan 18

Options expiration is a big deal in January. A lot of rebalancing going on following profit taking into new tax year. With Fed expectations back at a more neutral level, I think smart money starts to nibble into the Fed meeting because I think the correct guess on JPow is that he’s nice and announces plans to start reducing QT and that rates likely are lowered at some point this year (which probably means H1 due to banks with CRE problems).

Kirk Spano Jan 19

Apollo signals new rally coming on Fed pivot

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