Chat Highlights – Bitcoin, Satellite Calling, And The Coming Surge In EV Sales

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  • A discussion about the best timing for buying bitcoin exposure.
  • “Traders being traders” gave AST SpaceMobile option holders a gift.
  • How to invest in the massive surge in EV sales that is coming.

Buying Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) v Bitcoin

Brian Steege 1964 Jan 2

do you still suggest adding GBTC even at these levels? If it’s still trading at a slight discount, would it be prudent to add or should we wait for a pullback that might be coming?

Kirk Spano Jan 2

For the 45thousandth time, just keep dollar cost averaging in.

Shepferg2 Jan 2

So for what it is worth, I sold my GBTC and will be adding BTC, in its place. The 2% fee made it less attractive to me for any duration. It didn’t seem like GBTC is inherently good, it is just a way to add BTC to a vanilla portfolio. Kirk Spano – not trying to disagree with you. Just sharing my thoughts. I have made $$ on GBTC twice and may jump in again on a drop before it is approved, but I’m not expecting to get that chance.

Kirk Spano Jan 2

well, when GBTC converts it’ll have a fee of .8 and be partially waived for a while. For IRAs it’ll still require an ETF to get Bitcoin exposure if you want it in an IRA. But, I do own BTC directly at Coinbase and in a wallet hooked up to my poker account.

Price movement on AST SpaceMobile (ASTS) offered a nice dollar-cost-average opportunity.

Shepferg2 Jan 2

Did Watson just get hard of hearing? ASTS is taking a brutal dive!

SectorC Jan 2

Wow. I have a bunch of $5 puts sold. Maybe I will get these assigned

Shepferg2 Jan 2

You might just be the proud owner of a bunch of ASTS!

Kirk Spano Jan 2

I see a word like brutal and check the news. They’re close to securing funding they discussed. How horrible. I better sell everything. Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

I think getting assigned those shares at $5 is a gift.

I think brutal is the wrong word. I think “traders being traders” is more like it.

Nic D Jan 2

Nice DCA then at 5 bucks!

A massive surge in EV sales is coming.

Kirk Spano Jan 4

Remember who has a deal with VW, it’s none other than Ford (F). As I’ve been saying since 2020, everything, and I mean everything is lining up for a massive surge in EV sales in 2026-7 due to new EV and semiconductor plants up in 2025-6 using new battery tech into higher mileage standards laws. Price will move up before then. Just buy Ford and collect the dividend and wait for the FOMO because it will happen.

Brian Steege 1964 Jan 4

Yup. Just count the number of EV’s out there on the road. I have even started seeing Rivian’s in a few smaller population areas…Tesla’s are now a dime a dozen. This year will really see an uptick as there are instant tax rebates at dealerships for 2024…

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