Chat Highlights – Enovix Wins At CES, HRTX Has A New Partner, And Bitcoin’s Completed Gestation

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  • Enovix named CES 2024 Innovation Awards Honoree for BrakeFlow safety technology.
  • Heron Therapeutics announces new partnership expected to boost sales.
  • Coinbase emerges as a custodian for Bitcoin owned by newly emerging ETFs.

Enovix won at CES!

LesRob Jan 8

Enovix (ENVX) …today announced it has been named a CES® 2024 Innovation Awards Honoree for its pioneering BrakeFlow™ safety technology.

Shepferg2 Jan 8

That’s our (ENVX)! Love it! Now I just want to hear that fully automated production in Malaysia is in full swing and watch the share price go 10x.

Just remember, we won’t really know if we are winners or losers in (ENVX) until Q3, when they are supposed to have the automated line up and running in Malaysia. At that point, customer announcements and successful, high-speed production will drive price action – hopefully, very high! Until then, if you don’t own it, buy on dips and plan to hold for a year.

Heron Therapeutics (HRTX) announced a new partnership that should help propel sales

Wolfemp Jan 8

Kirk strikes again…I’ve been holding for quite a while, it’s starting to happen.

Could show profit this year.

Shepferg2 Jan 9

This is one of the ones I actually got kind of right! Piled in when it was at a buck. Pretty pleased with where it has gone since then. My cost basis is higher, because I bought some much higher, originally. But I’m well in the green on this one.

Look who wins Bitcoin custodianship for emerging ETFs

Kirk Spano Jan 10

Who looks like a winner here??? I don’t need a coin to flip on that one.

Bitcoin ETFs
Bitcoin ETFs

Look at the chart of the new ETFs I put up. Clearly Coinbase is a winner. I have it through (ARKW), but it pulled back, so maybe I buy it individually on a review. As for cheaper ETFs, sure, that’s a no brainer. They all look pretty close. I do know that (GBTC) plans to lower their fee pretty quick, so that’s just a matter of the fling going through. I think it’s going down to .8, but clearly .5 is the demarcation line. I will say, iShares and a few others are too cheap. They are subsidizing to get people in their ecosystems, I wonder about their controls on spreads and trading costs, as well as, other things hidden beneath the sheets. Someone will do a “true cost” piece soon enough. My guess is I flip over to iShares. We’ll see who has a robust options market.

Shepferg2 Jan 11

I don’t understand the “after the waiver” part of this. Is that backed into the share price or do we have to apply or something? Or are we too small potatoes?

Kirk Spano Jan 11

A waiver at an ETF or mutual fund just means they are waiving collecting fees for a while. Don’t worry, they’ll take your money eventually.

I think options become available pretty quick. Within 2 weeks I’d think.

Profile of Bitcoin owners

LesRob Jan 11

Bitcoin ownership. “Something to consider as we enter a world with spot Bitcoin ETFs. 27% of investors — and just 6% of those 55 or older — own crypto, according to the US segment of our latest Retail Investor Beat survey.”

Kirk Spano Jan 11

what’s important to remember there is that includes NO IRA money and little institutional money. And, most of the accounts are tiny. We are witnessing the completion of the gestation for a new asset class. Bitcoin was in the womb. Now it is born.

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