Option Selling Ideas, Clean Energy Bottoming


  • Options talk: Discussion on some put-selling strategies.
  • Investing in solar energy management: Conversation about the impact of sanctions on Chinese solar products and why it’s advantageous to invest in energy management.
  • AST SpaceMobile: Discussion on holding this position.

Each week we publish a summary of a few of the articles, topics and ideas found in the MoSI chat. We encourage you to visit chat to read about updates to our investments, share ideas, and ask questions. What follows are a few of the conversation threads from this past week and links to some videos and articles. Join us in the chat.

Some options talk

Brian Steege 1964 May 9

what percentage of your put-selling is only for generating cash? Recently Square and Marathon’s trading range is within a buy zone and I don’t mind adding a bit with short puts if assigned with the intention of selling covered calls ITM if assigned. Just curious. The dark side of that is being assigned when not wanted…

Kirk Spano May 10

20-40% of my 6&7 figure portfolios are cash for put selling at a given time. When it approaches 20% that’s generally when I sell a batch of covered calls. I also sell covered calls on weekly RSI over 70 usually.

Lewis Flores May 13

I have been trying to get a starter on (NYCB) but keep having puts expire. I am not sure if the premiums out there are worth taking a risk on some of the higher strikes or if I should just buy the shares outright. Any thoughts?

Kirk Spano May 13

take a starter and sell more puts at the money. $3.50s.

nbabb May 15

Can someone suggest a put to sell for (MARA)?

Kirk Spano May 16

Sell MARA $20s and have a stake. Power shortages forecast for TX and MARA can sell 2x the energy of last year.

Invest in solar energy management

Kirk Spano May 10

There’s more sanctions/tariffs coming on Chinese solar, batteries & EVs. We’re going to talk clean energy investing tomorrow. Adding ACES & GRID

Theresa May May 10

huh. I think if I were in charge, I’d think about letting cheaper Chinese made panels, etc., hasten our energy transition. But I’m not, so let’s look for investment opportunities.

Kirk Spano May 11

I don’t see panels as a huge business long-term, I see the energy management as the important business. I think letting in cheap panels is smart, but they don’t talk to me either. They could protect the panel makers by giving tax incentives to business to buy domestic, but allow homeowners an incentive on any panel. Batteries and EVs get replaced on 5-10 year cycles, that’s business we want, so sure, protect those.

The decline of the cost of solar panels

#Declining Solar Panel Cost

Kirk Spano May 13

the same trend is happening with batteries. What happens when solar is cheaper than coal (hint: it is now) and non-space constrained batteries are cheaper than transmitting energy across the grid (hint: about 3-5 years out)?

jimmyjunior May 13

In agreement with you that solar is likely to out-shine wind in most cases. And any storage breakthrough in batteries, or in whatever, when paired with solar will improve grid utilization, lowering costs and quickening the connection of the intermittent sources of power. Continued improvement in both can make them economic at scale without subsidies.

AST SpaceMobile rallied nicely this week

dclark May 17

Would you consider covering say half of your (ASTS) holdings before earnings on the 20th?

Theresa May May 17

It’s tempting to take some profits in ASTS and I can see why some people might legitimately decide to do so. But for me, this is how I see the chart. At this point, I won’t even consider selling a covered call or trimming until about $10. And, even then, depending on how price arrives, I might not do anything. So for now I’m holding.


Kirk Spano May 17

no idea why anyone would sell here. You buy small caps to make big gains. You buy large caps to make small gains.

Links to Kirk’s videos from this past week

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