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  • China’s major demographic slide isn’t here yet. For now they print money.
  • Kirk Spano releases “Kirk’s A Grandpa Stocks!” with low-risk investment opportunities.
  • Heron Therapeutics receives FDA approval for expanded usage of Zenrelef.

China is printing money

Kirk Spano Jan 19

And don’t forget, China is starting to print money too. BTW, their demographics don’t turn really bad until about mid century.

China’s low birth rate will slow its stock market. Here’s when to expect it.

LesRob Jan 19

From Reuters Daily Briefing Email 1/18/2024 – China’s ageing population threatens key Beijing policy goals for the coming decade of boosting consumption and reining in ballooning debt, posing a challenge to the economy’s growth prospects. A record low birth rate and a wave of COVID deaths resulted in a second consecutive year of population decline.

Kirk Spano Jan 21

Look at the age 5-29, that’s still a huge group. That’s 20-30 years of growth yet and consider how many enter the middle class given 2/3 of population aren’t there yet. The older folks dying is good for their economy, that’s why I’m 50/50 on whether Covid was on purpose.

Newly released “Kirk’s A Grandpa Stocks!”

Kirk Spano Jan 22

Low risk that can still beat the market when bought on or around weekly oversold conditions or simply not overvalued.

Wondering what to do with Heron Therapeutics (HRTX)

shutko mark Jan 22

I would bring (HRTX) to a full position. Don’t know what to do.

Wait for dip or miss a train.

Theresa May Jan 23

This is HRTX’s monthly chart with supply/demand zones. Assuming the company can successfully execute its business plan, this chart looks great to the upside. You will note we have RSI confirmation.

Valar Morghulis Jan 23

(HRTX) news – FDA approval of expanded usage of Zenrelef.

LesRob Jan 23

Awesome Expansion = This expanded indication for ZYNRELEF will now cover an estimated 13 million procedures annually, an estimated increase of 86% over prior indicated procedures. To obtain this labeling expansion, Heron successfully conducted studies for cesarean section, spinal surgery, augmentation mammoplasty, and total shoulder arthroplasty.

Some of the articles posted chat

Google Backs Starlink Rival AST SpaceMobile for Android Satellite Support

Letter from Abel which speaks to funding and emerging partnership with Google as well as a mention of government funding. Hopefully the recent round of news that was taken very negatively by some is over, the stock offering is out, the delay into 2nd Q for next launch is out. Now it’s just waiting time

News Release AST SpaceMobile CEO Publishes Letter to Shareholders

Bruised by stock market, Chinese rush into banned bitcoin

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