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  • Discussion about AST SpaceMobile and its potential to enhance communication systems and resilience.
  • Observations on satellites and clean energy, including the accelerated clean energy transition in the future.

Each week we publish a summary of a few of the articles, topics and ideas found in the MoSI chat. We encourage you to visit chat to read about updates to our investments, share ideas, and ask questions. What follows are a few of the conversation threads from this past week and links to some videos and articles. Join us in the chat.

Observations made about AST SpaceMobile

wolfemp Feb 8

ASTS And so it begins?

Theresa May Feb 8

That’s great news. An aspect of AST SpaceMobile (ASTS) that catches my attention is how it reverses the normal space-based communications systems by placing the large receiver in the sky with the earth-bound receiver being a small phone. And I think this is interesting because in the course of the last several years, the US government has publicly acknowledged the vulnerability of our communications’ systems (GPS, ocean cables) because they offer single points of failure.

It seems to me that ASTS makes communications’ systems more resilient by adding an additional pathway and it would make sense for the government to get a piece of it. As a contra to that statement, one could argue that the ASTS very large orbiting “space towers” make attractive targets for malicious actors. But, from the US Space Force perspective, it’s also less to defend. Anyway, more distinct communication pathways=more resilience. And that’s what we’re after. I bought a little more ASTS yesterday when it make a new all time low.

wolfemp Feb 8

I too bought a little more yesterday near the low.. The technology seems to be brilliant. But the roll out is slow. At best, they will have 5 new plus the existing BBW sat in orbit and working by end of year. Funding from FirstNet and other agencies is going to be critical in terms of bridging to 20+ sats where revenue will become material. Fortunately the FCC looks to be on this in a significant way. About 28 minutes into this video, Anna Gomez, FCC Commiss comments on the importance of LEO based sats D2D in bringing broadband to everyone. She sounds like Abel at times. Good to see the level of awareness. Earlier in the vid, she links the objective – connecting the unconnected – with financial equity for those cuurently w/o access and societal benefits such as large scale rollout of telemed creating healthcare savings. [See link for the referenced video at the bottom of this summary].

LesRob Feb 8

Thanks for highlighting you guys bought yesterday while I was selling. I was high on the Google announcement and researched that their investment was a fraction of their spaceX investment

General observations about satellites and clean energy

Kirk Spano Feb 9

I am back and looking to the stars with satellites and to the clean energy future. Spent an hour talking to a retired DOE scientist in the Venetian poker room after we both busted a tourney. And, sat next to an oil man with 17000 acre ranch with wells. Very informative trip, though I lost about $1100 gambling which is weird for me

Theresa May Feb 9

I can’t wait to hear any new insights you gleaned.

Kirk Spano Feb 9

well, first off, the clean energy transition is going to accelerate in that 2026-30 window I’ve talked about. The regs are mostly written and even if Trump won, he wouldn’t have time or power to unwind. Best he could do would be just not enforce temporarily, but that would require a lot of attention to detail and very qualified personnel to do a coordinated ignore of not enforcing regs temporarily. So, basically, even if Trump wins, only minor short-term damage to what’s been put in place.

Theresa May Feb 9

That fits with what I see as broad based support (sometimes in the form of resigned acceptance) for the clean energy transition. Plus, people sometimes trash bureaucracy as evil, but when it is focused in a coordinated direction it becomes a powerful agent of change. Over the last 10 years of so, I’ve come to appreciate US bureaucracy and the job it performs.

Links to some of the articles and videos posted in the chat

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